How To Make Rendang, The Most Delicious Cuisine In The World


Rendang is a dish which originated from Indonesia, precisely the region of West Sumatra. Rendang has been asked by CNN as the most delicious cuisines in the world. The results of the survey can be viewed on the CNN website pages.
What makes Rendang could be the most delicious dishes in the world? Perhaps the answer is in the variety of spices used in the cooking process and also the cooking process takes a long time to make rendang taste so delicious.
Surely you all around the world are very interested in the most delicious cuisines in the world, do you want to try making it in your kitchen? If the answer is “yes”, then you visit the right article.
Delicious rendang made from choice beef and the best spices. This recipe will make dry and dark colored rendang, the recipe I got from one of my relatives who have a Padang Restaurant.
Tasty rendang certainly have a good quality, black and dry, but can be durable and long lasting if kept properly. Well, let’s prepare the ingredients.



Rendang Padang, the most delicious cuisine in the world.


  1. 1 1/2 kgs of fresh beef
  2. 12 cups of coconut milk and 3 ripe coconuts
  3. 2 kandis tamarind seeds
  4. 2 fresh lime leaves
  5. 1 lemongrass, crushed
  6. 1 sheet of turmeric leaf
  7. Salt

Mashed Ingredients

  1. 1 ounce fresh red chilli
  2. 15 pieces of red onion
  3. 6 garlic
  4. 5 pieces of hazelnut
  5. 2 cms ginger
  6. 3 cms galangal, crushed


  1. First of all cut the beef about 5×5 cms.
  2. Furthermore, take a large pan and boil coconut milk with spices that have been mashed earlier, and then pour the leaves materials and also the kandis tamarind.
  3. Then stir it constantly until the coconut milk get condensed. If the mixture already produce oil from the coconut milk, please pour the beef.
  4. Last steps, stir constantly and don’t stop it, cook on medium heat. This process is done until the meat becomes extremely tender and the cooking process is done.

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Rendang usually can be stored for several days, especially if cooked until it dry and dark colored so it is not juicy at all. Hope you all can make and taste the most delicious cuisine in the world in your own dining table. Thank you for reading.