How To Make Slider Charms Bracelet

Slider charm bracelets are the latest rage in fashion jewelry. They have certain advantages over the traditional charm bracelets, but they are still quite affordable and are readily available. Every piece of jewelry item that includes charms in its creation is different. With the use of slider charms, you can customize every bracelet to fit the wearer’s personality, interests and hobbies. Here is a look at how to make slider charm bracelets.

First of all, you need to choose slider charms. that will match your project. Slider charms are easy to add and remove, but you need to know which type will be most suitable for the type of bracelet you are looking to create. Consider your interests as well as your budget and then make a choice. If you don’t have a bracelet chain yet, then it is the first thing that you should choose.

Make a choice based on your personal style. Consider the size of the links, the actual size of the bracelet chain as well as the clasps. You can choose from toggle clasps, shaped clasps and standard lobster clasps. The length of the chain should fit your wrist perfectly and must not be too small or too large. Measure your wrist and how long you would like the bracelet to be. Once you have settled on a chain for your bracelet, it is time to choose the charms.

Matching charms look best and therefore, you must match them with the chain before you buy. For example, if you have a gold chain, consider gold charms and if you have a silver chain, consider silver charms. You can also choose slider charms that feature gemstones and other precious elements.

When starting to create your bracelet, lay the bracelet flat on a surface and then arrange the charms the way you want. Also consider whether you want to put a lot of charms on the bracelet or just a few. If you want to include few charms, then you must make sure that you leave the same number of links between the charms to give uniformity to the final piece. Slider charm bracelets are quite trendy and they are easy to make because you don’t need any specialized equipment or tools to attach them to the chain. Just slide the charms onto the bracelet chain and you have created a personalized slider charm bracelet for yourself.

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