How to make the Right Purchase for Rugby Boots

Shopping boots and equipment for rugby online can get a little tricky

Online stores have become a lot popular these days. People now prefer the comfort of browsing products and buying them without going to stores. Just like everything, the equipment for rugby like the boots are also available online. However this can get a little tricky for someone who is shopping boots for rugby, if it is a first time. For instance, you won’t be able to try the boots prior to buying. Though a lot of online marketing stores offer the option to return, getting it right is people want. Thus there are key points that one must keep in mind as he browses through different models to purchase one.

rugbyLow cut boots are getting popular, why?

You won’t see a lot of high cut boots for rugby used by the professional rugby players these days. These are yet more appropriate for the second row players since these offer more support for the ankles. This helps in improving the balance while playing. Players including some of the second rowers like wearing low cut boots since these add more comfort. The high cut boots are heavier and the lightweight of the low cut boots on the contrary make them popular. High cuts are definitely not right for the backs.

Number of studs for your rugby boots

Your playing conditions determine the number of studs on the boots. It is about where most of the rugby matches take place. If you are going to play more in wet conditions, it is better to use longer studs and more in number. That will give you better traction even in the wet conditions. The ones that are shorter should be used less if you will be playing more on dry grounds that are harder. The studs shouldn’t be too tight and almost digging your feet. For this prevent wearing long studs on dry grounds or else your ankles will be in pain.

What about the synthetic modern boot for rugby?

This is rather a personal choice. If one is looking for leather then it is going to last long. However, it will be heavier as well. A synthetic boot will in that case be better and also last for a long time. But it isn’t wise to opt for cheaper ones as they will fall apart without much effort. Also while playing in wet conditions it can get soaked with the mud water badly. So, leather is always good when compared to this.

What technology can do?

Technology has always been kind to mankind. It brought up new opportunities, made things easier. With modern materials and sports science the manufacturers have been able to come up with superior quality of rugby boots. These can add more strength and support as well. One of the materials that are added is titanium on the areas through which the players can kick. This helps adds more accuracy and power while kicking. Thus players are able to play rugby better than before. And with the guidelines given above, you will not select the wrong ones and then feel regret.