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How to Make Your Evernote More Secure With Two-Step Verification

Evernote is an amazing suite of software that helps you in keeping your notes and its archives save and easily accessible. Here, a ‘note’ refers to any form of note that may be any of the following.

• A piece of formatted text
• A webpage
• A photograph
• A voice memo
• Handwritten ‘ink’ note
• File attachments

All these notes can be arranged in folders, can be tagged, edited, given comments, annotated and lot more can be done to these. Evernote supports a number of operating system (OS) platforms such as OS X, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, and webOS. It also supports online synchronization.

But when you use software and services of suite likes Evernote, security and privacy of data becomes your prime concern. Keeping this into consideration, Evernote has introduced its Two-Step Verification feature. This is a new security feature that will help you keep your notes and archives safe within Evernote software.

Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is also known as two-factor authentication. This security feature has been designed to enhance the security of your account with Evernote even in the risky situation when someone else learns your password.

Two-Step verification is designed to offer enhanced security through the adoption of code verification system. The notes stored in Evernote are protected not just by a discrete username and password but also a verification code. That is why it has been called as Two-Step verification. User first needs to enter the username and password and then the verification code that is sent only to the user’s mobile phone. This double-step verification code gets applied whenever user logs into Evernote Web or install it on a new device.

If someone by any chance gets to know your password, nevertheless he won’t be able to log in to your Evernote account because the verification code will be sent to your mobile, hence no one can access that code. And if any day you receive the verification code in your mobile without having been personally applied to it, then you will get to know that someone else is trying to log in to your Evernote account.

How It Works

The six-digit verification code makes two-step verification a powerful feature to guard your vital data. This code is only delivered to your mobile phone via text message. Also, the code can be generated on apps like Google Authenticator that you can run on your smartphone. Evernote also provides a set of one-time backup codes for situation like you’re traveling and won’t be able to receive fresh codes.

However it is not mandatory to enable two-step verification feature in your Evernote account. This is just a security service offered to you and it’s entirely optional. Remember that as it’s a security feature, so it has been designed to prevent every possible hacking. Means if you lose access to your secondary access method, you have the risk of permanently locking yourself out of your account. So, while setting up it, make sure to closely follow the setup procedure to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Getting Started

Before starting the setup process, always ensure that you are using only the updated versions of Evernote. These versions are:

• Skitch
• Penultimate
• Evernote Food
• Evernote Hello.

Setting up two-step verification is straightforward. Go to the security section of your Evernote Web Account Settings and follow the steps in the Security section of Evernote Web. If you are a free user, then to receive the verification code, you have to install an authenticator app on your phone. The most recommended authenticator is Google Authenticator. But if you are a premium user, then you can choose to have the code delivered on your phone as a text message via Telesign.
After setting up two-step verification, you will be asked to sign into the apps that you use.

There are chances that after setting up the two-step verification, some of your phone’s integrations and apps or even Evernote Touch for Windows 8 may stop being functional. To fix this issue, create a special Application Password for each app. You can do this from the security section, as well.

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