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How To Make Your Lips Seem More Attractive And Kissable


Healthy lips can make women look and feel beautiful. Plump, moist lips are sexy and almost begged to be kissed. While some ladies were lucky enough to have full lips naturally, some women have to use other methods to get the same results. Instead of using surgery or lip plumping injections, there are some tricks you can try at home to make your lips seem more attractive and kissable.

How to Make Your Lips Seem More Attractive and Kissable

If you are wondering how to make your lips seem more attractive and kissable, you are not alone. Whether it is for date night, or simply to increase confidence, full plump lips can be you feel more attractive and desirable. Here are some natural tips to plump your lips and make them look more kissable.

1. Improve circulation.

Exfoliating your lips can improve circulation, and make lips fuller and plumper. One of the easiest ways is to apply a mixture of olive oil and sugar to your lips while gently massaging it in. This can not only increase blood flow, but also improve the color and tone of your lips.

2. Enlarge the natural lip line.

A quick way to make lips look fuller is to outline your lips. After applying a concealer around your mouth, line your lips with a liner that is a close match to your natural color. Once you have filled in lips with the same lip liner, your lips will naturally look fuller and plumper.

3. Add a touch of light.

Using a white lip pencil, draw a small outline on the cupid’s bow of your mouth. Smudge the line to blend it in, and the light color will help give your lips the illusion of looking plumper and fuller. Women can also get the same effect by applying a touch of clear lip gloss to the middle of their upper and lower lips.

4. The right lipstick color and texture.

Dark lipstick colors can make your lips look older and thinner, while also emphasizing fines lines and wrinkles. Pale pinks and other light colors can not only help you look younger, but can also make your lips more attractive and kissable. It is also a good idea to avoid matte lipsticks which make mouths seem smaller. Lip glosses and lipsticks that are shiny or have glitter particles can enlarge and enhance smaller lips and mouths.

5. Lip Plumpers that are natural.

There are several different lipsticks and lip glosses that can make lips appear plumper and fuller, and many of them are also beneficial to the health of your lips. Cinnamon and honey can also be used to help add fullness to thin or narrow lips. Simply let the mixture set for five minutes before washing off. It is a safe and natural way to enhance lip size without the risk of harmful side effects.

6. Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is a fast and easy way to nourish your lips, and give them the illusion of being bigger and fuller. Vaseline also helps to smooth and soften your mouth for beautiful kissable lips.


Having attractive, kissable lips can improve your confidence and make your feel desirable and beautiful. For women who were not born with full lips, there are methods they can use to have a luscious, sexy lips. While surgery and lip plumping injections are an option, there are often dangerous side effects associated with it. Instead there are several natural ways that women can use to make their lips seem more attractive and kissable. With a few makeup tricks, and a few all natural ingredients, any woman can have the full, sexy lips she has always desired.

How To Make Your Lips Seem More Attractive And Kissable
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