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How to Make Your Skin Lighter Naturally for 2013

If you’ve got beautiful black skin but are riddled with uneven patches and pigmentation then knowing how to make your complexion lighter will improve your complexion and give you a new lease of life, you’ll have a glowing even complexion and your confidence will go through the roof. There are a lot of black people who have uneven patches which is why they want to lighten some parts of their skin. Black men and women spend fortunes trying to lighten their skin but fail to realize there are other ways to make black skin whiter. In this article we look at some of the ways individuals with dark skin and dark patches can improve their complexion without spending too much money or worrying about their appearance.

Diet and Nutrition

Although there is no real scientific evidence to back this up I can reveal through my own experience that diet plays an important role in complexion lightening. Whenever I eat a diet rich in fatty oils and sugars my skin becomes darker and patches start to appear, my complexion becomes rough. One of the best ways to lighten dark complexion is to remove as much fatty oils and sugar from your diet and replace it with foods high in fibre along with fruits and vegetables, this will clear your digestive track which improves the complexion of the skin.

Cleansing the Bowels

This is quite a controversial subject however this has really helped me to lighten my complexion. Most people realize that their digestive tract and bowels play an important role when comes to healthy light bright skin. Even acne sufferers agree that cleansing the bowels and digestive system clears their skin up quickly. If you really want to start on the inside then investing in a quality enema and taking fibre supplements such as Phyllium Husk will help to improve the complexion of black skin.

Keep Out of the Sun

Safe Bleaching Sun Cream for Black Skin

Keeping out of the sun is important if you want to lighten black complexion. Try to avoid direct contact with the sun’s rays and go out when there is shade, alternatively invest in a sun screen with SPF greater than 50, this will prevent the skin getting any darker. The sun is capable of doing the most damage to your skin and unfortunately a lot of people do not realize this, while the sun can be great for developing vitamin D in the skin it’s also one of the biggest causes of pigmentation and uneven patches, the message is clear, stay out of the sun.


Complexion Lightening Pills for Black People

L-Glutamine is widely regarded as the best supplement you can take orally for whiter skin, L-Glutamine worms by inhibiting the growth of melanin which causes pigmentation on the face. The theory is that if you inhibit the production of the protein which is responsible for blacker skin you can achieve a lighter lighter in the future.

I have personally tried this pill and it has worked wonders for my appearance, my pores seemed tighter and my dark patches were removed slowly. Overall my face stopped the overproduction of oil which helped with my acne, this supplement is really worth the price tag and if you can continually afford to use take the supplement you will start to see eventual results.

Kojic Acid

How to Lighten African American Skin with Acid

Another potent inhibiter of melanin is Kojic acid, this works really well for lighting black skin with uneven patches. Kojic acid is available as soap, a cream and body and face wash. If you can incorporate Kojic acid into your daily regimen then you should start to see improvements very quickly. Kojic acid is generally quite cheap compared to other skin lightening soaps, again I have used this and it did make a remarkable difference to my skin, the trick is to really lather the soap and apply it liberally on the face, to avoid drying the skin make sure you use a quality moisturising cream.

Natural Remedies

How to Lighten Black Skin with Lemon

Natural remedies for lightening black skin with dark patches are a great way to achieve an even skin tone. The best way to use all the remedies together is to create a paste using turmeric, ginger, yoghurt, and lemon juice. All these ingredients have natural bleaches and have the power to eventually lighten the skin. The best way to combine all these ingredients is by blending them and applying them to your face in the morning and at night for at least half an hour.

Skin Treatments

Skin Bleaching for Black People

If you want results quicker then try visiting skin clinics to see what treatment they have available, skin bleaches and treatments such as microdermabrasion can show results much quicker. These treatments can be very expensive but they will show results quicker. Be particularly careful with home treatment kits and test the area of the skin before you use it on the entire face. To save money most people use the diet route, kojic acid and natural remedies to maintain their light skin and only use treatments once in a while to act as a booster.

How to Make Your Skin Lighter for Black People Natural

Black skin without uneven rough patches can be beautiful to look at however from time to time we develop these irritating conditions. It’s better to deal with these conditions earlier than later and using some of the methods outlined above will improve the complexion of the face significantly. The best way to monitor the lightness of your black skin is to take weekly pictures in the same place and then compare them over time, make a note of what treatment you’re using and then see how effective each one is. Removing pigmentation and dark face patches can take time however with patience and perseverance you can achieve a whiter complexion.

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