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How To Make Your Ultimate Bucket List

Eventually, we all kick the proverbial bucket. However, there are a number of things we want to do before that happens. In order to make sure you live your life to its fullest, it can be helpful to create a ‘Bucket List’; the places you want to visit and activities you want to do before you die. By coming up with a bucket list, you can make plans to cross off memorable life experiences, as well as have fun when you achieve them. If you work on your list with your friends, you might find exciting new possibilities to add in, and it can crossing items off your respective lists can be a great group activity.

Travel: One of the best places to get ideas for bucket list book is coming up with any places you want to visit before you die. Have you always wanted to tour Europe, or take a trip to see the Great Wall of China? Make sure to add it to your list and begin saving and planning for these momentous trips. Maybe you want to travel to all 50 states. Those who are spiritually inclined may plan a pilgrimage to the holy sites of their religion. Sports fans might want to take in a game at every big league stadium. Figure out where you want to travel, and be sure to look for opportunities to cross other items off your list at the same time.

Activities and Hobbies: Dangerous and exciting activities are popular bucket list additions. Consider trying skydiving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping or hang gliding. Those who prefer aquatic adventures might look in to SCUBA diving or learning to surf. If you want to avoid the danger, you could add learning to play a musical instrument to your list, or buy your dream car. You should also make a list of all the books, movies, music and art you want to experience. You’ll definitely want to enlist your friends help on this step, as well as various online guides. For some, this might include finally reading the holy books of their religion, watching every Best Picture, or listening to every song from their favorite band.

Get Personal: Your bucket list should also have a number of items that are personal to you. If there are people in your life you have lost touch with, you may want to reconnect with them. You may want to pay back, or pay forward, an act of kindness that you received at one point, or set up a charity of scholarship to help improve the world for generations to come. Perhaps you will want to host a big gathering for your entire extended family, or return to a childhood home one last time. Remember that it’s YOUR bucket list; just because an item you put on it seems inconsequential or silly to everyone else is no reason to not do it. In fact, if it’s important enough to you to be on your list, that’s a perfect reason TO do it.

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