How To Measure For Pool Covers In Melbourne

With many homeowners realising the usefulness of pool covers in Melbourne, it is becoming increasingly common for them to search for the best way to measure their space up. Whilst these covers are quite good at what they do (keeping bird droppings, leaves and other debris out of the water), this effectiveness will be affected if it isn’t the right size for your swimming pool.

Step 1:

Get your hands on a tape measure (use a steel or fiberglass type to ensure maximum accuracy). Even though you can measure the swimming pool area in increments, it helps if the tape can extend the entire length.

Step 2:

Make sure the tape has been equipped with the right type of measurements. Using feet and inches, for example, will be much more accurate than using feet or inches alone.

Step 3:

Go to the spot where you would like the pool cover to start (it can help to make a mark on the ground). Have someone hold the tape there whilst you walk to the opposite side of the area, to where you want it to end.

Step 4:

Go to the spot where you would like the side of the cover to start (again, make a mark on the ground). Have your helper hold the tape whilst you walk to the opposite side, where the other side will be.

Step 5:

Determine how high you want the cover to be. Look at where the roof of your house, any surrounding fences and any nearby outbuildings finish. Extend the tape upwards to make sure there is plenty of headspace.

Step 6:

Remember to note down the measurements as you go. Once you have finished, it is recommended that you go back and take all of the measurements again to ensure that they are correct.

When you are satisfied with the measurements you have taken, you will be able to visit your local hardware store or pool cover in Melbourne specialist to place an order for the materials. Once they are delivered to your home, it can be a good idea to measure them all up and compare them to the measurements you took to ensure that they have given you the right materials.