How to Measure Outbound Calls in Your Outsourced Call Centers?

Outbound call centers are the centers where agents are required to call customers on the behalf of a company. The outbound calls may be aimed at updating information of the customers, verification of the customers, telemarketing and sales, or sometimes fund raising.

In such outbound call centers, the need then arises to keep a check on the output being delivered by the agents. And for that, it becomes imperative to measure the calls. Let’s take a look at how it can be done.

1. Determining the average call time for each customer who responds

When a call center agent calls a customer, there is always a time span for the call. The average call time can be easily measured by recording the time of call for every type of job. For example, a call for verification may take a lot less time than the ones that were aimed to elicit information from the customers to make an information database in the company. This information, when collected in a properly segregated manner, will give a precise and accurate average call wait time for the customers for different jobs. This average call time can be easily used to measure the total outbound calls being made by the call center in the host nation. The company will get an approximate number of the relevant calls made.

2. Determining the talk time for the customers

The talk time of the call can also be calculated to get a more accurate picture of the outbound calls made by the call center. One can directly find the details about the time for which the call rates are charged from the company that provides the services for the calls in the call center. The company can share the time of the calls being made by the call center agents of the concerned call center and hence the data can be collected for finding the average talk time for customers.

The problem of geographic speech and behavioral differences may come into the picture. To solve this, one can have the segregation and the data assimilation for various types of customers. The information about the jobs for which the customers are targeted has to be collected as well to know the accurate talk time for an average call being made.

3. Maintaining records of the dialed numbers

The company that hires the call center services can itself make a proper list of the numbers to be dialed for the services. That database can be maintained according to the hierarchy of the customers to be contacted by the call centers.

By maintaining the call records of the dialed numbers, the host country’s company can get a hint of the maximum number of the calls which shall be made to the customers by the call center agents. The maximum number of calls helps in making future recommendations and modifications for services to be offered and to make the calls more accurate in hitting the required consumers.

4. Receiving a report from the call center agents

The companies can also ask the call center agents to submit the report for the customers who were targeted, and the number of consumers who have endorsed the services of the company. These customers can be contacted again by other means like messaging or e-mail for verification. The detailed reports can be received from the outbound call centers in bulk and hence the outbound calls can be measured.

The measuring of outbound calls for outsourcing companies has to be a gradual procedure taking into account many factors and situations. The above mentioned points can be helpful in achieving the task. There are various combinations for the measures that can be made to get a number that is near the actual number of outbound calls.