How To Move Gracefully Through Crowded Spaces

Move Gracefully Crowded Spaces

Learning how to move gracefully is not really that hard, especially if you are naturally light on your feet and generally move like an exquisite dancer. However, you can learn how to move gracefully through crowded spaces even if you are rather clumsy or awkward in your natural movements. At least with some practice I do believe you can!

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How do I know how to move gracefully through crowded spaces? Well, I am an Army Brat. I was raised in my childhood and teenage years on military posts. While going to school on military posts there are thousands and thousands of other students moving along in crowded spaces along with you. In fact, while attending a military post school for military dependents you may find yourself attending school with classmates of the very same grade you are in that total more than a thousand, just for that one season. For instance, there may be more than a thousand Freshmen, more than a thousand Sophomores, Juniors and even more than a thousand Seniors.

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What does this mean when it involves moving gracefully through crowded places?

Well military brats may travel in the same wide hallways along with anywhere between 6 to 7 thousand other high school students in one day. That is a lot of individuals moving around in a crowded area. It is also a great many people to maneuver around while trying to get to class without being late. Every one of those students is either in a hurry trying to get to their own classes without being late or trying to figure out how to slip off somewhere as to not be caught while skipping a class.

It really surprised me when I realized what I was doing when it dawned on me one day by making my way through the crowd to my own scheduled class. I realized that I could get from one end of a corridor to the other end much more quickly than anyone else could around me. I have actually had friends tell me that they had tried to catch up with me several times in the hallways and never could do so. I also naturally have a wide range of vision, which I think has helped me to develop the ability to move through crowded spaces.

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Here is the way I do it; maybe it can help you to learn how to move gracefully.

– Keep your eyes open and watch where you are going, this is one of the most important steps in learning how to move gracefully through crowded spaces. By staying alert to the movements of others, while keeping your direct beeline to your destination in site or in mind.

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– Keep an eye out several feet in front of you as well as what is going on in your general vicinity while walking. You never know when the unexpected may occur and cause either your lateness of arrival or even a collision of some sort.

– Keep in mind that while in a crowded space that others may inadvertently cross your path at the most inopportune moment while they are trying to get to their destination. Today is not much different than it was 30 years ago. Everyone is still in a hurry to get where he or she are going and of them will most likely return from their point of departure.

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– If you are able to build up your calf muscles and learn to walk on your tiptoes. Walking on your tiptoes will lift you up a bit higher than your normal height allowing you to see even further ahead of you. It also helps in some way by making you lighter on your feet and gives you more propulsion of moving while walking fast. Keep in mind that walking tiptoe is much easier and safer, most often while barefoot of in flats rather than high-heels or flip-flops.

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– Learn the art of walking fast or faster than you normally do. Some individuals are blessed with the natural ability to walk fast. You may want to do a search for how to walk fast online, since this is something that comes naturally for me and I am not sure how to tell you to do it rather than just get out and start walking faster than you normally do, while adding the ability to walk on your tiptoes.

– If you are not naturally talented in dance, you may want to take some classes. Dance, music, rhythm and lithe movements come naturally to me as well, but I would say if I were to take, any type of dance class to enhance graceful movements and turns it would be taking a ballet class.

– While walking fast, learn how to stop on a dime. Seriously, while trying to move gracefully through crowded spaces, you will most likely come across some reason to have to stop on a dime without tripping yourself up and falling on your face. You can learn how to do this with practice as well.

– Learn to be verbal. Even though you may be watching ahead while walking fast, you will need to learn how to say, “Excuse Me” in a natural sincere manner that is not defensive or rude. If you are watching ahead, you will know by your own pace that you may encounter someone else moving along who you may either bump into or loose your pace.

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– While you are watching ahead of you to see what kind of crowd, you need to travel through, do your best to avoid areas where you know that people congregate to visit with one another. Avoid if you can coming across such situations as while trying to move through such groups can really hinder your arrival to your destination.

– Last but not in the least, is learning how to genuinely smile and be cordial to others. I’ve never been any other way, so I’m not sure how to tell you how to smile more and be cordial, however I can tell you, that if you are, your more apt to get to your destination much more quickly than being an old sourpuss.

In conclusion, if you want to learn how to move gracefully through crowded spaces by learning to smile, mind your manners; be kind to others, while walking fast on your tiptoes and being aware of your surroundings and the others who are traveling along in the same area. Watch were your going and learn to stop on a dime while walking fast.

If I can do it, so can you!

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