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How to Optimize Android Phone Battery Life?

You have tons of goodness loaded into your 5-inch or 6-inch or any inch smartphone for that matter. Sounds good! It has a decent RAM, octa-core processor, a splendid camera, a capable browser, a lot of apps, and all other features cooking a recipe for a bad battery life. Hmm… not good! Keeping phone charging for long hours is such a pain, isn’t it?

Wireless charging seems far from commonplace. Thankfully, ‘Doze’, a battery-saving feature, has made its way towards Android Marshmallow, and it claims to enhance battery life by 50%. Until you get your hands on something godly that could help you survive without charging your phone for two days straight, it won’t be a bad idea to know about a few quick tips that will give you get some more hours of battery life.

Switch off Radios when not in use

If you keep forgetting things then there are high chances that you keep Wi-Fi, GPS (location), and 4G on even when you don’t need them. These services are the arch rivals to battery life. Turn off these services whenever not in use.

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Check Applications running in background

Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘App’. You will see a screen showing ‘Downloaded apps’. Scroll it towards left and all running applications will be shown.

You may find many apps here that you no longer use but are still running in background and drinking battery juice. You can tap on any apps from the list of running applications and uninstall it.

Stop Background Apps

Uninstall unneeded applications

Although it is not going to have a big impact on the battery life (until the app runs in background), it is recommended to uninstall unwanted apps.

Follow: Settings < Apps < Go to All < Select App < Uninstall

Block Notifications of Apps

Block push-notifications of social media apps and new apps if you need not to be updated with every latest happening. This will do two things:

  1. You don’t have to reach out to our phone every now and then.
  2. As you would be switching on the lights for fewer numbers of times, your phone will survive for a few more hours. Also, stopping push-notifications will stop apps from syncing content in background.

To block notifications: Settings < Sound and Notification < App Notification < Select an App < Block notifications.

Optimize Display

Lowering the brightness level alone can save some battery juice in your phone. Turn off Auto-Brightness and adjust the level of brightness by going to Display from settings menu. Also, optimize the ‘Sleep’ mode as per your convenience.

If you have activated live wallpaper, it again cost you some battery life. Replace it with a static one.

Optimize Display

Use a Third-Party Battery Saver

There are some pretty best battery saver app for android  that you can find in Google Play Store. I use a built-in battery saver module that comes with  Android Cleaner. It works pretty well for me, and you can give it a look. The app is available for free on the play store. That being said, you can use any app of your choice as almost all such apps give at least a little more of battery fuel.

These five tips should keep your Android phone fighting for some more hours before giving up to the lure of charging.

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