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How to overcome depression naturally

Depression is something that everyone gets from time to time, but in some of these cases it doesn’t go away and the person wants to find ways how to overcome depression naturally. Mood disorders affect almost 10 percent of all adults in the US, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

What are the symptoms of depression?

If someone is depressed, they have feelings they can’t control such as helplessness, and other negative emotions. In a lot of cases, doctors tell them to take anti-depressants, but there are many people who would rather learn how to overcome depression naturally. There are indeed several things that someone feeling signs of depression can try that don’t require dangerous medications or anything unusual that wouldn’t be considered natural. These treatments are totally natural and holistic and worth a try.

Reset your body’s rhythms

One of the ways how to overcome depression naturally is to reset your body’s circadian rhythm. This is the way your body takes in the pattern of day and night, sleep and being awake. There are several things that your body does naturally that make up these rhythms. One of these that can affect depression is the effect of your body’s core warming itself when your day begins when you first wake up. This is a good method of how to overcome depression naturally.

This process of warming up for the day releases a series of neurotransmitters that have been seen to make someone’s mood get better, and this helps alleviate the depressive feelings. You also use the body rhythm to do things like absorb vitamin D from the sun, which helps to make it possible for your body to absorb calcium. Calcium has been shown to also alleviate depression. So, if you are able to get up early, you can soak up some sun, warm up your core body temperature and help your body absorb nutrients it needs to survive and treat your depression at the same time. Plus, a nice walk for an hour or so is good for you in other ways as well.

Make sure you eat the right nutrients

If someone gets the right mix of nutrients that their body needs to have energy and resilience, then he can fight off the bad chemicals in the body that can cause depression. For instance, if you get enough Omega 3s in your diet through eating foods such as tuna, olive oil, walnuts, salmon or avocado, then you will get plenty of these nutrients.

These nutrients are good for both your mind and your body, as found by the American Journal of Psychiatry. It’s better to do this and learn how to overcome depression naturally by eating the foods that contain the nutrients instead of taking pills.

People who are depressed often also are deficient in things like iron, Vitamin C, magnesium and folic acid, so if you get more of these nutrients into your system, then you will feel better and be less depressed.

That’s why if you suffer from depression you should stay away from processed foods like white bread, white rice, soft drinks, pasta, and similar foods. They are just empty calories and the carbs can help contribute to what may be causing your depression. That’s partly because it causes massive spikes in your blood sugar levels and that can also mess up the brain chemistry, which in turn can cause depression.

These are only a couple of the ways to learn how to overcome depression naturally. Other things that you can try include imagining your future as being better and the way you want it to be as a form of positive thinking, or using your time to help other people to make you feel good.

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