How to overcome depression

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Depression can be classified as emotional exhaustion and can become all consuming, affecting all aspects of a person’s state of mind and life. It is also loosely defined as sadness that doesn’t abate after six weeks or so. But, can you ‘cure’ depression?

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Things that may help with depression:

  • Have a release for your emotions (writing, music, meditation, etc)
  • Exercise
  • Medication
  • Natural supplements
  • Therapy

What if nothing seems to help and these feelings of depression continue to linger and negatively affect your life? Sleep has been shown to greatly help moods. Becoming or being sleep deprived, will make you irritable, fatigued and even moody to name just a few. Adequate nutrition is also important for your mood. Eating small, frequent meals will keep your metabolism revved and help ward off mood swings. The above are lifestyle changes you can make to help aid in minimizing your depression.

The most obvious is to get to the root cause of your depression, though this is more easily said than done. Sometimes, it’s easy to pinpoint your depression; maybe you’re going through a divorce, someone close to you has died, or many other seemingly obvious causes. However, depression doesn’t always present itself with bells and whistles. Sometimes It’s a lingering feeling of sadness with no specific cause. When this occurs, try to keep doing things you enjoy, or used to find joy in. Stay active. Keep up your relationships; moral support and just companionship can be vitally important to improving ones mood.

Some believe true depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain and can be helped using medications specifically geared towards the symptoms, but does nothing to aid in the underlying cause of your depression.

Acupuncture is fast becoming a viable treatment for some with depression. This treatment involves tiny needles being inserted in specific areas of the body and is showing great promise.

Therapies are widely used and lauded for helping those suffering with depression: cognitive & behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and medication all can and do work.

It is becoming clear that there is not one specific cure for depression, rather, it’s a combination of trial and error using any and all of the above methods. The best cure for depression seems to be management of your feelings, which will help prevent you from becoming depressed. However, when feelings of sadness seem to overtake you, and linger for a month or longer, it is clearly time to put some of the above ideas into use. Stay active, sleep and eat well. Talk to someone. Get medication from your doctor to help with the symptoms. You don’t have to suffer alone. There is help. Find what works for you and live a healthy and happier life.

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