How to Perform a Pushup Properly – Benefits of Pushups

Push ups and what makes them so great

Push ups are an exercise you should be doing if you are not. Doing a push up is a simple movement that can be done virtually anywhere.

Push ups is one of the best upper body exercises you should be doing if you are not. When you think of Push ups you probably think that the exercise just works your chest.

Fact is that it not only works your chest but it works your shoulders, triceps, stabilizing muscles in your back and it also works your core muscles.

There are some exercises you can do that are just better than other exercises, such as squats or deadlifts and chin-ups. Push ups are one of those great exercises.

No matter what your age whether you are 16 or 76 or male or female you should be doing them.

When you are younger you do them to build and tone your muscles and as you get older you do them to tone and keep your muscles.

Push ups are for more than just your chest


Push ups are a great exercise to perform because the exercise hits so many different areas of the upper body.

They should be a must in your exercise routine no matter what your level of fitness is. There are variations to accommodate everyone so you really have no excuse not to do this exercise.

If you performed push ups a couple of times a week and over time increased the amount of push ups or level of intensity by varying the way you perform the movement you will notice a difference in just a few weeks.

Consistency is key when doing any type of exercise program to have success. Push ups can be done flat on the ground or with your feet raised or one raised at a time or your hands raised using dumbbells or maybe on paint cans.

There are many variations you can try. Before you start trying any variations you should be able to do a few sets to failure of the standard push up.

How many Push ups should you be doing

How many you perform depends on why you are doing them and what your fitness level is.

I would be more concerned with performing them properly and doing as many as you can for each set. I have a number that I reach each time I do push ups.

Sometimes the numbers in my sets vary, one day I might do 40 reps in my first set and the next time

I do them I might not be able to do as many or maybe I will be able to perform more. So each time I do push ups I just make sure I reach the total count of push ups I want to achieve that workout regardless of how many sets I have to do to get the job done.

Here is how to do a Push up

How to do a perfect push up. Find a clear area on the floor. Get down on the floor with your hands placed on the floor a bit wider than shoulder width apart with your fingers pointing straight ahead or slightly turned outward.

With your legs stretched straight out balancing on your toes. Keep your body in a straight line as best as you can.

Do your best not to let your torso or stomach area sag towards the ground. By keeping your body erect you will be strengthening your core area while you perform the push up.

With your elbows pointing slightly outwards start to bend at the elbows lowering your body towards the floor.

Once you get to a few inches (or centimetres depending on where you are from) from the floor, pause and then push yourself back to the starting position.

That was 1 repetition. When doing your repetitions tense your chest when you are in the top position before lowering yourself. This exercise is a must for your fitness program.

Instructions for doing a proper push up

There are many variations for Push ups

This is a great exercise that will do much more than just work your chest. It is a must exercise if you are not already doing it.

There are other variations of the standard push up. You can change your hand position on the floor to either work your chest more or your triceps more.

You can do them on a medicine ball or while holding dumbbells. While holding dumbbells you can also do dumbbell rows.

They can be done with your feet raised or one foot raised or a superman push up. There are so many variations that you should never get bored of doing this great exercise.