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How to Perform Data Recovery for Extracting Files From a Dead PC?

Caught into the bad moment when your computer just gives up booting? It can happen because of some issues in the operating system or the crash of computer hardware. Whichever is the case, if your computer is not booting up that means it is dead. That puts your computer data at risk. This guide will explain you how data recovery is performed to extract files from a dead computer.

However, there is no guarantee that data recovery will be successful. If the computer has collapsed because of hard drive failure, then the recovery of data gets very difficult if not impossible. But if hard drives are yet functional then you can try out the following recovery procedure even at your home.

Boot From a Windows Installation Disc or Linux Live CD

If your computer stops working and is not booting up and in spite of your several attempts to reboot, the system fails to start then it might be a problem of damaged Windows installation. In that case, you can retrieve the files by booting a Linux live CD or even a Windows installer disc.

You need to insert the Linux live CD or a Windows installer disc into your system and just start it normally. If it directly boots from the disc and directs you to a Linux desktop then you can be sure that your computer’s hardware is still functional. Again, if you only need to recover the files then you need to connect a computer to a USB stick or external hard drive and copy the necessary files into the removable media device. Now, your files will be saved from your dead computer to any location you desire.

Thus, this is a simple method to do with a Linux live CD and as you will be directed to a given full Linux desktop from where you can easily copy files. Again, if you own a Windows installation disc, you can just need to pull up a file management window and then copy files from the computer’s hard drive.

Transfer the Hard Drive to Another Computer

Now, if your computer is not booting even from a Windows disc or Linux CD, then it is possible that its hardware components might have been damaged. Even if the computer’s motherboard, CPU, power supply, memory, video card, or any other component gets damaged, your computer’s hard drive will still be working properly.

Thus, you can simply open up the computer, pull its hard drive and insert it to another computer. That is how you can surely get the files from your hard drive.

Now, the basic process is simple, but you will be ideally comfortable working with the computer peripherals. You will have to ensure that the main power switch at the back of your system’s case is shut off or just unplug the computer from the power source. Now, open your system and try to locate the hard drive and cautiously disconnect its cables, detach it, and pull it out of the system’s case. For in-depth guidance and information, consult a professional hardware engineer who can guide you to uninstall a new hard drive.

You’ll now need to connect your hard drive to another system. Simply insert the hard drive into your desired computer or use an external driver. If in case you have laptop hard drive and you require it to connect it to a desktop PC, you need drive bays specially designed for laptop hard drives. Such drive bays allow you to connect your laptop’s hard drive to another desktop PC. Now, power on the other PC, start its standard operating system from its main hard drive, and then copy the requisite files from your old computer’s hard drive.

This process is simple to carry out on desktops but much harder on laptops. That is because you can open the desktop cases whereas laptops are completely closed and not designed to open.
Thus, if you have a laptop that you can’t open then you need to contact a computer repair expert or online tech support service. With their professional knowledge and advance tools, they can pull the hard drive much easily and perform the data recovery of your files and folders.

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