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How to Perform Essential Computer Maintenance Tips? Here’s a Detailed Checklist!

PC maintenance isn’t a tedious task, and you can easily manage your device’s security and performance by following some useful and essential tips. If you don’t know how to clean a PC or want some expert tips from a PC guru, then follow this article to go through a detailed checklist.

Sometimes, your PC turns sluggish and behaves in a strange manner that may make you feel annoyed and frustrated. Delayed app loading time, slow system boot, PC unresponsiveness, and sudden shutdown may turn your pleasurable computing experience into a disastrous one. Since your PC loses its speed and efficiency over the period, it becomes highly important to take care of computer hardware and software components. Sometimes, PC parts may also require some extra care or even replacement to ensure complete efficiency and performance. So what does it take to maintain your computer and ensure its longevity? Well, a PC guru will always recommend exercising some common computer maintenance tips to avoid major system damages and performance flaws.

If you want to ensure optimal speed, performance, accuracy and efficiency of your computing gadgets, here’s a complete system maintenance checklist for your help!

A) Computer Hardware

• Sufficient RAM – A machine with too little RAM may behave like a lazy dog and force your computing processes to take longer than required. A 2 GB RAM is enough for completing basic computing tasks and performing seamless web browsing, but games and heavy applications require more RAM capacity. Therefore, always decide an ideal RAM capacity for your systems, depending upon your purpose of use.

• Monitor and PC Externals– Always try to keep your PC externals clean by wiping them out with a soft moistened cloth. You can use a can of compressed air to blow out the dust particles and clear the air vents. Additionally, if you think that your monitor supports a lower screen resolution, try exploring the web or visit retail stores to replace it with a high-resolution screen.

B) Computer Software

• Update Drivers – You may always complain about some PC parts for not functioning properly or performing the desired computing task. Have you ever thought about why is it happening? Your PC hardware gets support from drivers that make them perform the desired action. Therefore, update your drivers regularly to ensure a pleasurable experience with printers, scanners and fax machines.

• Windows Update – Set your Windows Update to install the latest security patches and updates automatically to never miss out anything important. You can click the ‘Automate Updates’ button to get updates about Microsoft products or visit Microsoft’s official website to install them manually.

• Antivirus- Antivirus and antimalware applications help you fight against virtual threats and prevent them from entering into your device. Official developers and software vendors release periodic updates and bug fixes to make their products genuine. Install them immediately and add the latest virus definitions to your security suite and avail advanced protection against stubborn infections.

• Uninstall Anything Suspicious – If you get a quick look at what’s on a machine, then go to the Process Explorer and see the currently running programs. Head towards the control panel, find the applications that are of no use or you haven’t installed, and remove such programs from your device. Additionally, you can also remove toolbars, faulty software, add-ins, plug-ins, and other suspicious stuff to avail extra protection.

• Create Backups – A PC guru will always recommend creating regular backups of your current files and folders to ensure that you never face frustrating data loss situations. You can easily store the latest files, folder, system images, and create restore points to an external hard drive, USB Flash drive or even on online storage platforms.

C) Essential Maintenance

• Defrag – Defragmenting your hard disk drive not only generates extra space on the drive, but also improves your PC’s performance. You can easily use the inbuilt Windows utility- Disk Defrag or select third-party tools for defragmenting and re-arranging files on your disk. Defraggler, MyDefrag, Auslogics Disk Defrag, Smart Defrag, and Diskeeper are some of the best defragmenting tools that you can download for free.

• Limit Startup Programs – Scan your device for viewing the programs that are scheduled to load into the system’s memory during PC boot. Simply go to AutoRuns or RegEdit and run the ‘HKLMSoftwareWindowsCurrentVersionRun’ to view the list of startup programs. Go through the entire list carefully and clean up all the random stuff that isn’t required to load during system boot.

• Set Ideal Screen Resolution – If your system appears dull and dark, then probably you’re not running it by using an ideal screen resolution. If you’re using a 17′ LCD with a native resolution of 1280×1024, then running your system at 1024×768 will make it look darker and blurred. In case you are unable to set the native resolution according to your device’s screen type, ask for advice from a PC guru or tech expert.


There are plenty of computer maintenance tips that can help you enjoy pleasurable computing experience, but picking essential maintenance tips can save your computer hardware from future damages. You can install remote desktop viewer or remote login tools like Teamviewer, LogMeIn, Join.me, and others to avail faster yet efficient remote tech assistance. If you think that PC maintenance strategies aren’t delivering the desired results, then immediately contact online computer support companies and ask for instant PC repair.

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