How to Plan a Deck Yourself

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Summer is in full swing and some of us are without a deck to enjoy a happy hour or BBQ on. IF it is time for you to plan out how you will build a deck for yourself here are some things to think about to make sure when you are done your deck you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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Size does matter when talking about decks. if you have a small little deck you really can’t do everything you want to on it. Always build a deck as big as you can afford and then check to make sure you can’t stretch it just a little bit more.

Levels are a great way to separate and define areas of a deck. Just as in your house specific areas of your deck should be designated for certain functions like a sitting area, BBQ area, fire pit, hot tub etc.

Incorporate a brick patio at the bottom of your deck to be used as another level to create even more space.

Privacy is important for most people and sitting outside unless you live out in the country is basically sitting out on display for everyone to see you. Use lattice, plants, wicker blinds and build walls and posts into your deck to add some privacy to some areas like your sitting and relaxing area.

BBQ’s need a special location just like your oven in the house. Once a spot is decided for the BBQ design a counter space on either side of the BBQ as well as a wall behind to really give it the look of yes this is where a BBQ needs to sit.

Use no maintenance and or treated lumber to minimize the amount of upkeep the deck will require each summer. There is nothing worse than having to use up a week of vacation to scrape and stain a deck. Spend the time sitting and enjoying the beautiful weather at all costs.

Metal railing is affordable and will add much more value to your deck than making railing out of wood.

Spend as much as you can. Just remember a deck is part of your home so make sure you build a strong durable low to no maintenance deck that you and family and friends can enjoy for years to come.

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