How to plan a prom

A prom is a very important day in every teenage calendar. It is the day when they become to be perceived as young adults who from now on should decide about their lives only by themselves. In order to emphasize the importance of this day, a prom should remain in the memories of its participants for a very long time. That is why, the majority of schools allow their students to form special committees that are responsible for the organization of the event. It is a big credit given to these students as together with prestige this function bears a great responsibility. After all, if something goes wrong, the whole school would hold a grudge against their friends from the committee. That is why it is so important to know how to go about organizing a prom in order to make it a big success.

First and foremost, planning is everything. Do not do anything until you have a precise plan of the event and how are you going to prepare for it. These preparations should begin at least half a year before the event, although 7 or 8 months are much more advisable. Once you set the date and, if necessary, the venue for a prom, consider other expenditures: decorations, food and beverages, music, etc. It is important as from the very beginning you have to know how much this party is going to cost. You must not take any chances here.

Once you know the total cost of the event, the committee has to immediately move on to fund-raising. Remember, that money for the prom will come from two sources: funds and tickets. Firstly, establish what should be the price of a ticket. Make sure it is reasonable but that it is also not too low. You can safely assume that around 90-95% of students will want to buy a ticket and that at least third part of them will come with a partner. After few simple calculations you will know how much do you have to get from fund-raising. You may, for example, further divide this sum into a monthly fee which everyone will be able to easily afford. One more thing: it is strongly recommended to create a separate bank account just for the organization of your prom. This will not only make keeping track of committee’s finances easier but it will also give the committee a lot of credibility.

When it comes to planning the attractions it is much easier than organizing finances. After all, the committee usually consists of young people who know what music is now on the top, what kind of food their peers like to eat, and where is the best place to have a prom. That is why it is important to have a good plan from the very beginning as this will allow you and the committee to organize a prom straight out of dreams. The only thing left to do is for participants to choose suits and prom dresses for the occasion. After all, they also have to emphasize the importance of the moment by wearing a beautiful and formal prom dress.