How to Plan for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a fairly common procedure today. If you are getting breast implants or a breast lift, you will need to arrange for what comes before and after the procedure. Having plastic surgery on your breasts will require some follow up care, so it is imperative to plan ahead. Follow a few steps to make sure that your surgery and healing will run smoothly, and will get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Schedule All Pre and Post Appointments

Before the actual surgery takes place, you will need to go in for a pre-surgical appointment. This appointment may be used to take your vitals and make sure you are ready for the surgery. If you have any questions, be sure to get them covered at the pre appointment. Also take heed to the doctorsÂ’ orders about your eating and sleeping schedule prior to the breast augmentation.
Also take care of any post operational scheduling. Post breast augmentation appointments are routine and necessary to make sure you are heeling appropriately. Make sure to schedule the appointment after your pre appointment to make sure it has

Set Up your Resting Space

After breast augmentation, you will need to rest for a few weeks. For the first few days, the pain and pressure will be at its worse. Most plastic surgeons will prescribe medication that will cause you to feel drowsy while dulling the pain. Post operation, you will not be able to lift your arms easily. Be sure to keep everything that you may need, such as your phone, emergency contacts, and medication directly at your bedside.

Make Sure you Have Help

One of the preparations that can be overlooked is having help right after you come out of surgery. Family or friends will need to be able to help you throughout the beginning phase of your healing. Someone will need to drive you home and be able to help you from bed, as you will remain asleep most of the time for the first few days of recover. If you do not have family or friends who can stay with you during your healing process, you can book a stay at a recovery hospital. Most recovery hospitals are similar to a hotel, but have medical staff available. At a recovery hospital a nurse will be able to attend to all of your post operational needs.

Plan your Outfits and Grooming

The last thing that you want to have to worry about is slipping into a tight shirt or having to wash and blow dry your hair while your arms and upper body are sore. Have loose fitting clothing available that you can slip into after you have taken a bath or checked your bandages. Comfortable clothing and low maintenance grooming will make recovery much easier.
Healing after breast augmentation will take a lot of rest and medication regimen. With just a little planning, you can be set for a successful procedure and a simple recovery.