How To Play Better Golf: Use Your Subconscious Mind

Do you know the situation? You reach your Ball and your Intuition tells you to use 7-iron. After having figured out all important information about wind, surroundings, distance you opt for a 6-iron and miss the shot. Why does this happen again and again? The next lines will help you to find out.
Actually every shot requires a chain of complex decisions that are independent of the golfer’s skills. As a result you take shot decisions and ultimately you make a club choice.

Questions you need to ask yourself

  1. Position of the Ball
  2. Wind direction
  3. Wind strength
  4. Position of the Flag
  5. Green circumstances – Is the green wavy?
  6. Distance to the Flag
  7. Obstacles in the short/long distance?
  8. Obstacles nearby? In my way?
  9. Weather conditions
  10. Course conditions – Will the ball roll after it has landed?
  11. What day time – Are the greens still wet with dew? Or dry from the midday sun?
  12. Risk / benefit assessment – how successful I have mastered the selected stroke in the past?
  13. Perhaps there are more questions/problems than mentioned above?

But, there is some sun at the end of the tunnel. As long as you do not consistently hit your ball in the sweet spot or same spot on your club you only have to answer the following three of the questions above:

  1. Is there an obstacle in my way?
  2. What is the distance to the flag?
  3. From which place do I want to play the next shot?

And then you have to opt for a club which you think is the right one for this situation.
Good players, however, which (thanks to Track Man) accurately know their shot lengths and can specifically influence and control the ball, have to answer exactly these 13 and more complex questions. The danger is that you will only rely on the numbers, facts and figures and will not listen to your subconscious mind. This is exactly what must happen after recording all the facts. You need to figure out all the numbers you need and you can get and then you have to listen to what your subconscious mind tells you to do.

What is the subconscious mind?

Decisions taken from the subconscious mind are better and more sustainable than those only taken by facts and data. That is a scientifically proven fact. Why? The conscious mind can only process seven pieces of information simultaneously. This fact corresponds to a rate of 40 to 60 bits / second. This is about the information flow when reading a text. The subconscious mind, however, has a processing speed of 10 million bits per second, much more than the head can afford consciously. The subconscious mind uses experience from the past. The more experience (positive and negative) you gained the better the decision will be. Collect the necessary information for each shot and then listen to your subconscious mind.

Listen to the subconscious mind!

Be wary of too much information and especially about your Foursome Partner or Caddy. Trust your subconscious mind. Listen to what it tells you. You will notice that your decisions are useful most of the time. You will play a lot of good shots, perhaps the best shots in your life.