How To Practice Yoga At Home

Want to learn how to practice yoga at home? There is no doubt about the wide scale benefits of practicing yoga. This form of workout not only strengthens your body, it also calms down your mind and helps you focus more on what’s important. Yoga is a serene way of gaining great health. It has to become a habit, for it to truly provide the benefits. If you are an amateur to yoga then given below is a basic guideline.

How to practice Yoga at Home – List

Get the right clothing and space

Though this might not seem that important – you need to be aware that yoga requires you to be comfortable in both body and mind. This means that your clothing, first of all, has to be conducive for the practice of yoga. There are particular apparels meant for yoga practice which are loose enough to allow flexibility but fitted enough to not come in your way or feel uncomfortable. If you do not have such clothes, you can buy them easily online which feature a wide range of such apparels. Also, you need to have a comfortable space for practice. So choose a spacious and airy room. You will require a yoga mat to practice yoga on. You can buy this too from the online site.

Gather knowledge about yoga basics, postures and rules

The next step is to gather complete knowledge about yoga. If you wish to practice at home, then you can buy some yoga DVDs or books from These provide step by step guide to the beginners. You get to know about which yoga positions to begin with, and how to do them. The yoga videos help you to follow the trainer and go about the basic yoga postures.

Practice daily

Once you are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and equipments needed for yoga practice, make it a point to do it daily. A disciplined routine is necessary in order to reap the true benefits of yoga.

How to practice Yoga at home with these steps:

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

  • Clear your mind before practicing Yoga
  • Get into a comfortable body position – either with your legs crossed or lying on your back.
  • Focus on your breathing while shutting the eyes
  • Find a median between your breathing, not too fast and not to slow. It should be normal
  • Use the “left lift” exercise where you lift your legs as far as you can in the air and holding it there. This should be done while on your back.

Need more Yoga Poses?

No problem.. check out this Yoga poses books and you will find plenty of them.