How to Practice Your Short Game: Test your long Pitches


I really like this Pitch Test for longer Pitches and I often use it in my training for my better players. And they use it in their training. It is quite simple and everybody can do it in less than 10 to 20 minutes. All you need is 10 Balls, a Pitching Area, something to write and a measuring tape. You earn points for each shot inside a three metres’ distance to the Hole. Keep track of your record after each shot.

The test looks like this:

Track all your tests

It is important to keep track of all your tests. Then you see how you have improved. From my perspective I can say that in doing this test you will get the best training for your Short Game you can imagine. In doing this test you are as focused as possible. The best thing is, it will cost you just 10 to 20 minutes.

How to run the test

This test is for Pitches from distances between 20 to 50 metres from the Pin. In one of my earlier posts you will find a test for shorter Pitches. Hit 10 Balls to a hole from a distance between 20 to 50 metres. Hit each Ball from a different distance and a different angle to the pin. For example, you hit the first Ball from 20 metres. Then you have to hit the next Ball from 30 metres from a different angle to the Pin. And so on.

Scoring System

4 Points: for each shot that goes into the Hole.
2 Points: closer than one meter to the Hole.
1 Point: between one and three meters to the Hole.

Tour Average: 15 Points

„my5rules“ for good Pitches

1. Neutral Set – Up.
2. Open the club face slightly.
3. Hinge your wrist early in the Backswing to create a deeper angle of attack.
4. Backswing is shorter than the follow through.
5. Accelerate the club through the Ball.

Have fun with this test!