How To Practice Your Short Game: Test your Short Pitches

The advantage of being a good Pitcher

A good Pitcher has big advantages on the golf course. For example, on Par five holes he will more likely play a birdie with a close Pitch or he will save the Par after a bad Drive. This Player improves his game from his Pitching practice sessions. Most of the average Golfers just grab some balls and pitch them to the Flag without getting any feedback about the result. They wonder why their pitching is so poor when they go out on the course. That will sometimes cause them to stop practising Pitches or practising any other shot. A good short game and especially Pitching is like a good defence in any sport like Soccer or Football. If you know your defence is good and solid, you play more offensive without being afraid to feel the pressure to use any little chance there will be. The same applies to golf. The better your short game is the more freely you will hit your iron shot into the green and the more freely you will hit your drive because you know inside yourself that you will pitch the Ball close to the pin if you need to. If you like to be a better Pitcher, you have to go on reading my next lines.
In this episode I will show you how you can add quality to your Golf training session without adding time or energy to your practice. All you need is 10 balls, 10 minutes and a yardstick.


Short Pitches (Distance 15 to 20 metres):

Play 10 Balls between 15 and 20 meters from the flag and measure how far they are away from the flag after you have hit them on the green. Play these 10 Balls from different lies and directions. You should not play every Ball from the same spot. That is not golf. Golf is about to have a solution for every new situation you are faced with.

Scoring System:

Four Points: for every shot that runs into the hole
Two Points: One meter and less to the flag
One Point: between one to three metres to the flag
Tour Average: 15 Points

„my5rules“for your pitching:

1. Neutral Set – Up.
2. Open the Club Face slightly.
3. Hinge your wrist early in the backswing to create a steeper Impact.
4. Shorten your Backswing.
5. Accelerate the club through the ball to create more backspin.

If you are interested this Test as a document please feel free to contact me.