How to prepare for a disaster in your area

Being proactive and preparing for a disaster before it happens seems like the smart thing to do these days.

Investigate what type of disasters are more likely to happen where you live when making choices on what supplies you will need.

Some extra supplies should be kept in your home regardless of the type of disaster you are preparing for like food, water, a source of heat and a light with a good supply of batteries if necessary, some type of communication device like walkie talkie’s and a radio.

Will you need tools? How about blankets and pillows?

You really have to take your time and think deeply about what you should be putting aside in case of an emergency or disaster. Some preparations might not be as much about supplies but as escape routes and coordinated meeting places if you or your loved ones get separated from each other.

Some preparations might be as serious as actually moving from where you live. For instance if I was living in an area where sink holes were common I would be moving to a different area.

Unfortunately sink holes are so random it’s hard to say where they will turn up unless you find out what is underground. If there is flowing water deep under your home you might want to consider moving

Learn how to plan ahead for a disaster

Preparing for a double whammy like the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 is another one that is hard to prepare for.

You must have a plan in place in case of an earthquake and then be ready to act immediately when warnings of a tsunami are heard.

In cases like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan it would be best to have had an evacuation plan set in place by you and your family members ahead of time.

If you live in an area where tornados are a threat every spring and summer then have a plan in pace as to where everyone in your home should be going when tornado warnings are announced.

Taking time to figure out a plan for any disaster that might come your way is something everyone should do. After you have a plan you should also take a few minutes once a month to remind your family members of the plan.

Preparing a GO bag for yourself and your family is a great idea and more families are doing it than you might imagine. A GO bag is a backpack or gym bag or can even be a suitcase that is packed and ready to go in a seconds notice. The GO bag will be pre packed with items such as copies of identification, health cards, credit cards, clothing, fully charged cell phone and radio, water, food, lighter or matches, candle and anything else you can think of that you might need if you have to leave your home abruptly. There are many websites that offer suggestions for items to pack in a GO bag but also sell items you should have on hand.

Taking those minutes every month could save someone’s life.


Be proactive and you will feel more at ease knowing that you have a plan and your family are all going to be safe if something were to happen. Preparing for a disaster is the smart thing to do.