How to Prepare Punjabi Dry Dal or ‘Mah ki Sukki Dal’

How to Prepare Punjabi Dry Dal or ‘Mah ki Sukki Dal’, Seekyt

Punjabi’s and people from the Frontier, I mean North West Frontier like to eat a dry dal(lentil) also called Mah ki Sukki dal. This is a speciality for Punjabi’s and greatly relished in North India. This dal differs from the watery dal eaten in Central India and Southern states and is a robust thick dal, that show cases the character of the people of Punjab.


The method I am going to highlight here is a simple method and requires very few ingradients and comparatively little effort.

Take one cup of urud dal. This is slightly whitish in color, but any dal can be taken and also made as dry dal. Immerse the one cup of dal in 3 cups of water and let it soak for about 20 minutes.The longer you soak it the easier to cook it.

You will also require

1 large onion- finely chop it

I large tomato- chop it

1 TSP black pepper

4 table spoons of Olive oil or pure ghee.Most Punjabi’s like the dal cooked in pure ghee.

3 large green chillies-chop the chillies.

Two tea spoons of Suhana dry masala mix. This is a ready made mix and obviates adding nasal ingredients like ginger, garam masala separately.


Heat the oil or ghee in a nonstick flat bottomed pan. Once the oil is heated add chopped onion, tomato and green chillies to the oil and fry lightly. Add the ready made mix of masala and get the tarka ready. No need to add any salt as the nasal mix already has salt, however add the black pepper.

Add the soaked dal after draining any water and also add 2 cups of filtered water. Cover the entire pan with a lid and allow the dal to slow cook for about 12 minutes. Do not rush and allow the dal to cook slowly. In between open the lid and stir the dal with a wooden spatula.

After the dal is cooked take it off the flame and let it lie for about 10 minutes with lid covered. The dal is now ready. Garnish it with coriander and serve it with Indian bread,naan or roti.