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How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane


When you live in or visit an area that is frequented by hurricanes, there are some essential things you can do to keep you, your family and home safe or safer than not.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane

One of the first things, you will need is the knowledge and understanding that hurricanes are dangerous natural occurrences. Then you will need to learn what you need to do to properly prepare yourself, your family and home from a hurricane. Once you know the things to do, you will have to actively work to make them so.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a HurricaneStansport HurricaneEarthqaukeFlood Preparedness Kit 35Piece


Learn here some of the things that can help you prepare yourself, those you love and your home from the dangers of a hurricane.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane

Things You will Need Include:

An Understanding of how Dangerous a Hurricane can be

An Understanding of Hurricane Preparedness Basics

The ability and means of making Your Hurricane Survival Kits

Water Storage Containers

Food Storage, various items of things to eat (partial list below)

Food Preparation Items (partial list below)

First Aid Kit(partial list below)

Personal Care Items (partial list below)

Anything else you or your family may need during a Hurricane Hurricane evacuation routes maps

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane

1 Use clean, dry containers to begin working on water storage. You can do this by washing out 2-liter soda bottles as well as milk or juice containers with screw on lids. Wash out your containers and the lids, rinse and then allow them to dry while airing out. After they are dry and aired out, you can add your water. You may also want to include one drop of bleach to the water and then replace the cap. Set these aside in an area that is out of the way but easy to reach. * You may also want to stock up on Gatorade and other nutritional beverages that do not call for refrigeration.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a HurricaneShow Me How: Hurricane Preparedness – Before, During & After


2 Gather the types of food you and your family will eat and then store it in a clean, dry, safe area. Take the time to determine the best types of foods that your family will eat that you can store without the need of electricity for cooling. Some can goods are already cooked and you simply heat the contents up for a meal. These types of can goods can be eaten straight from the can when necessary. Keep some that your family likes to eat on hand. Examples include – pork and beans, any vegetable or fruit, eat from the package foods such as pop-tarts and so on. Store these items in a clean dry place.

3 Gather your food preparation items, these may include but are not limited to: a good working hand can opener, plastic eating utensils and drinking cups and plates. A battery operated bottle warmer for infants, an ice chest and any useful camping equipment to make your life easier when the power is out. Feel free to include any other items that you can use to cook or keep your food supply from ruin.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane

4 Gather personal hygiene items, these may include any particulars for you or your family such as antibacterial soap, men’s or women’s toiletries such as deodorants or antiperspirants, shaving items, feminine hygiene products, baby diapers and wet wipes for clean up.Toilet paper, paper towels and garbage bags. Feel free to include any other items that you or your family may need.

5 Get or make a First Aid Kit – You can buy these already assembled or you can make your own by including – Bandages of various sizes and tape, peroxide, alcohol and iodine, triple anti-biotic ointment, hand sanitizer lotions as well as any sinus medication and any medical prescriptions required by any individual involved.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a HurricaneAdventure Medical Comprehensive First Aid Kit


6 Gather other Hurricane Essentials – These may include but are not limited to such items as flashlights and batteries, battery operated radios of either the standard or weather types, a battery-operated television, a cell phone and your hurricane survival kits, which include the previously mentioned items in the steps above.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane

7 Know your Hurricane Evacuation Route – When you are in hurricane country and a hurricane is approaching it is vital that you find out and learn the evacuation route for your area. You can find this information by searching online. Now is a great time to do this so that you are prepared when the time comes.

8 Prepare Your Home from a Hurricane – Remember to take the time to move and store any outside item that can become a projectile by the fierce winds andflooding of a hurricane. You may wish to invest in hurricane shutters for your home or you may simply put up some ply-wood over the glass areas of yourhome such as doors and windows You will need to make sure that you have the fuel you need, if you are planning to evacuate. If your vehicle has less than a tank of gas, go for a fill-up as soon as possible.

You should actually plan and prepare for hurricanes before they visit your area, make sure you do your research and then prepare yourself, your family and your home as best you can.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane

Preparing and then storing your hurricane survival kits in your trunk is a good idea

* Dear Reader, most of these photos are photos of some of the hurricane damage after Hurricane Katrina. She was terrible and many families, including my own and some Gulf Coast businesses are still trying to recover from the damage that this hurricane caused us. Please, understand that preparing for hurricanes and hurricane preparedness is essential. Life after a hurricane is no fun at all. Doing the best to prepare for a hurricane is always a wise decision.

How to Prepare You, Your Family and Home for a Hurricane
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