How to Prevent Razor Burn Completely

Are you always surfing the internet looking for online help or perhaps an article on how to prevent razor burns once and for all? There are quite a number of techniques you can use while and after shaving to say goodbye to the painful and unpleasing aftershave irritations. There are many methods and tools available all over the internet that promise to take away the burning sensation and skin irritation in a blink of an eye. Sadly, a big number of these products are merely hyped products which leave their consumers frustrated and in worst cases with a lot more razor burns they had. Majority of men and women shave their hair wrongly. This is the main reason for the razor burns. Another common cause for the razor burns is using a blunt blade. When you shave using a blunt blade, you have to shave over and over again on a single area thus causing aftershave bumps. In this article, I will explain how you can simply shave your unwanted hair and prevent razor burns completely.

How to shave effectively using razor

Avoiding razor bumps is quite an easy task. The first step before shaving your hair is dipping a soft piece of cloth in warm water and dabbing your skin with it to soften. This prepares your skin for a shave. It is recommended you shave your hair shortly after taking a bath as this will save you all the hassle of softening your skin using a towel. You should never be in a hurry when shaving, a sudden whisk of the shaving blade may end up giving you pretty ugly red bumps. It’s also advised you use a shaving gel or cream to lubricate your skin as well as allow the razor to glide easily. If you have a sensitive skin, you can opt to buy medicated shaving cream to avoid aftershave rashes or bumps. You should shave your skin in small sections. Long broad strokes will make your skin prone to bumps and you will not be able to shave efficiently. It is therefore recommended you concentrate on small sections and once you’re through you can start shaving the next section. Nevertheless, do not spend too much time on one section as this means you will shave and re-shave the section over and over again. This can easily result to red bumps and even burning sensation. Another important note you should take is the shaving direction. You should never shave against the grain of your hair as this will definitely cause burns and bumps. Majority of people, who look for information on how to prevent razor burns, simply go wrong in this step.

Aftershave skin care

After shaving your hair, it is recommended you treat your skin using an aftershave cream. These creams are styled to soothe your skin and are also very effective in preventing razor burns. It’s advised you use moisturizers like glycerin for optimum results. That is how to prevent razor burns completely by shaving properly and taking care of your skin after shaving.


Avoiding after shave razor burns can be quite challenging. However, by following these simple tips on how to prevent razor burns, you will say goodbye to aftershave burning sensation, skin bumps and razor burns completely.