How to prevent terrorism around the globe?

There is no count for the disastrous terror attacks around the globe, but now their suffering, pain, persecution and woe should be ended. In hope of changing policies and laws, terrorists are ideologically using violence against civilians to create fear. They are viscous criminals who have no shame in taking life of innocent people, also they deliberately encourage fear and panic. This is wrong and intolerable… we will lose more lives globally, if we carry on turning a blind eye to such killers. Even doing this, we are sending the wrong message to terrorists that whatever they’re doing is OK, and they continue with it until we stop them. Terrorism is a deep-rooted problem of the globe, so don’t have quick fixes, but there is always a start. Being hard is not only the way, sometimes you can solve any type of complicated problem by applying a smart, tricky way. Here we present some excellent ways on How to prevent terrorism around the globe, based on unbiased understanding of common people; so have a look and share…who knows any of these may help to turn the terrorist in a human being, what he/she actual is!

How to prevent terrorism around the globe?

Longer the line of development

You might hear about instance, wherein teacher drew a horizontal line on the chalkboard and asked students the following question: “Is there anyone in the class who can make this line appear shorter without erasing or rubbing it?” The students thought and thought and concluded that the only possible way to shorten the size of the line would be to erase part of it from any side. Finally, they told “No, it is not possible.” Then teacher drew another horizontal line, much longer, a few inches more than the previously drawn line. Teacher asked “Hasn’t the first line become shorter in comparison to the later one? Doesn’t it appear fairly short?” Here, erasing is not the solution; drawing another long line ultimately makes the previous one appear shorter.

The same can work here. Just longer the line of development against terrorism; then see how satisfaction, happiness and understanding heal all those wounds of the affected people. For example, Indian government should speak to the people of Kashmir directly, particularly the Kashmiri youth. Make them realize that Kashmiris are not just part of this country; also India wants each Kashmiri to be equal partners in the country’s growth to the prosperity. Meanwhile, government should make every effort to initiate progress in J&K, setting up institutes of excellence and modern industries. The mind of the Kasmiri youth should be uprooted from the narrow boundaries of terrorism and divisiveness by supporting modern liberal thinking through such institutes. Besides, when he or she is properly trained, provide them enough opportunities by establishing adequate modern industries where he/she can put his hand on advanced machines and applications. This may inspire Kashmiri youth to forsake the gun and terrorism as well as separatism as his/her aspiration in life, alike any other normal youth, marching towards the path of fulfillment.

Thus, development should be the main element in the government’s efforts to tame terrorism. Development for the masses, particularly the youth and harsh despotic measures for the handful of masterminds can effectively tame terrorism.

Decrease the pressure of population on scarce natural resources

We all know that dissimilarity is a root of terrorism, so solve the problem at its base. It is true that natural resources of the planet are decreasing day by day as the human population is growing and growing. No problem if there is a system of impartial distribution, but this is not a reality as greater number of people still remains unsatisfied. They feel deprived and aggrieved, particularly in India because of its exploding population. If efforts are made to decrease the pressure of population on resources, attrition would be decreased as a result and quality of life of an average Indian will get better considerably. At the same time, this thing can bring a drastic reduction in terrorist activities and chances thereof.

Stop wrong usage of the power

Misuse of power ultimately creates terrorists in normal human beings. All powerful nations are trying to corner a major share of the scarce natural resources. Its great example is Western countries that are trying to control and corner the oil reserves located in Middle East. We know that Kuwait was attacked by Iraq for its oil, and then the US started the Gulf War next to Iraq to free Kuwait. Accordingly, now Iraq is the latest hotbed of terrorism. Yes, there is the Palestinian problem as a direct effect of Israel’s occupation. Israel can not be wished away, but it is possible for Israel to make peace in the region with significant as well as acceptable efforts.

Support UN

Terrorism is not the issue of one particular country, but it ruins the whole world. A phrase ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ truly fits here. UN is the international forum to maintain peace of the globe. But it is quite ineffective forum to deal with terrorism, so it has to be made effective with strong support of all nations. It is not necessary that UN group includes only those nations who are facing this threat, but also those still out of its suffering. Individually, it is not possible to tackle terrorism, but globally we can.

Help each other

Who cares? – This attitude is one of the roots of terrorism, also boost up it. There is a lack of understanding and responsibility among people, which are keys to maintain good relationships in the world. Voices should be raised for the sake of responsibility if a powerful nation tries to harass a weak nation, because it motivates terrorism eventually. This really works and is able to shun such greedy and aggressive nations, however they are powerful. Thus, let the condemnation be equally loud and clear while terrorism strikes and kills the innocents.

Try to clear unresolved issues

Unresolved issues should not be layered on, but need to be clear. Actually, it is believed that if people are ready to lay down their lives for a cause, then their cause should be looked into more sincerely. This attentiveness can tame terrorism, justifying with the respective goals if it is sensible. There should be formed ‘World Controlling Body’ (WCB), which is operated by legal experts worldwide to look into various unresolved issues that become the ‘cause’ of several terrorist groups around the world, considering both positive and negative aspects of every issue, also try and work out an agreeable solution with common decision. Now, the decision should be binding on the countries concerned. The body should be stronger than the UNO, also certain elementary laws of the land should be joined and the same law should be practiced in all countries of the world despite of which religion or race holds influence in any given country. Now important thing is that such laws of the world should overrule all religious laws. Possibly, religious heads could be responsible to enforce the rules of the world on their followers, as well they should be held answerable for the quantum of crimes committed by their followers. Even, it is assumed that most terrorism is caused due to religious issues, so this impartial formed body could solve such critical issues.

Remove Inequality

Inequality in societies causes most of the internal chaos. Such inequity brings the kind of insecurity in deprived people; this insecurity creates anger; anger self destructs; and the self destructed individuals become misguided. So, we need to make a free society, which is a real global society, where we should respect all, even our neighbours. Meanwhile, also respect the sanctity of life, along with the religious and political beliefs of all people. It is true that what one person believes is not always the mainstream, but the person has a right to have his/her opinion. However, also respect those who do not contribute to the same views or beliefs.

Be familiar to all

Most people in the terrorist activities have been convinced to such an extent that they have forgotten their human values as well as their responsibilities to the human society. Little more attention, concerns, love, respects, optimistic view towards them can bring a change; such good behavior may realize them about their move.

Start to think globally

Remove all boundaries, because ego between the developed, developing and under developed should be uprooted. Thus, equal opportunity should be given to every human on the planet in every field. At next, awareness about the harms of doing terrorism should be created. Who knows such pain and suffering may change someone’s heart.

Improve education

Terrorism mostly occurs when people are idle and jobless, if they are engaged in something resourceful they won’t even think of terrorism. So, there is need to improve the education levels of all the people. This helps to increase chances for employment, which ultimately satisfy people about their basic requirements, as well help them to maintain their social standard. Also, education improves broadness in thinking.

Make laws more strict

Most important thing to prevent terrorism is that laws should be too hard to crack. Instant and strict action should be taken against the guilt that is ruining the society. Being soft to such cruel never brings out the real picture, it will only blur it. For 100% justice, such people should be instantly executed once they found guilty.