How to Properly Care for Your Fur Coat to Maintain its Beauty

Fur is a timeless fashion icon that has been appreciated, admired, and enjoyed for centuries. Real, authentic furs can come from a variety of animals including rabbit and mink and can be treated to enhance their natural colors and textures. Investing in such a classic style staple means being willing to spend a little money; because fur is such an expensive luxury, understanding how to properly care for it is crucial to maintain its beauty.

Henig Furs is a reputable company that sells fur coats and other accessories that will transform your look and change the way you feel about the luxury of authentic furs. As you prepare to invest your time and money into a statement piece that will grace your wardrobe for years, be sure you are familiar with some basic care procedures to keep your fur looking luxurious and new in years to come.

Get a Sturdy Hanger

One of the first steps in caring for your coat is taking the time to hang it carefully after each wear. A sturdy hanger is essential to maintain the shape and form of the shoulders and arms. A flimsy, wire hanger may not only fail to hold the weight, but it may also succumb to the pressure and become droopy which will reflect poorly on the fit of your coat.

Be Cautious About Perfumes

Perfumes, smelly lotions, and fine body sprays may sound perfect for a classy night out, but the smells can become embedded into the fur and may become rancid with time. Fur coats are difficult to clean and the smell may be impossible to remove even with the most careful cleaning techniques. Additionally, the alcohol components of many perfumes can penetrate the hide causing it to become brittle and crack.

Watch for Matting

While the thought of a comfortable shoulder purse may sound appealing right now, excessive wear of should straps can stress the fur until it becomes visibly worn. A small handbag or something that can be carried is a much more appealing alternative. Likewise, pendants, pins, and other jewelry should be removed immediately if worn to avoid matting the fur and causing it to look shabby. Items such as scarves can be used as a buffer to protect the surface of your coat from potential hazards such as makeup or even body oil.

Avoid Restriction

What many people are unaware of, is that protectant garment bags designed to provide additional security, may seem appealing, they can be damaging. These bags, particularly plastic options, are not breathable at all and can cause the hide of your coat to dry out. This results in cracking and a brittle texture which can cause wear to become uncomfortable. Additionally, a worn hide will make your coat appear old and tattered much sooner and could reduce the physical appeal of your apparel.


When you properly understand how to care for fur coats before you select one of your own, you can confidently maintain its luxury and appeal long after your purchase. Remember to store carefully, watch the accessories you use, and to keep it in a breathable place where it will stay unscathed and beautiful for years to come.