News How to protect you Computer from Malware!

How to protect you Computer from Malware!


Malware is a software designed to infect a computer system with

Trojan horse

A Trojan horse if installed controls the Computer and gives complete access of your personal information to the hacker.

Computer Virus

If a Virus enters the computer it infects the system and the operating system start to malfunction.


Similar to Viruses and infect large networks.

Key loggers

Is a hardware or software device that monitors typing, screen shots and chats etc.


Short for ‘Remote Administrative Tool’ and one of the most dangerous malware and once installed the attacker has full control of the Computer causing it to malfunction at will.


Advertisement Supported software commonly created to display ads. on the Computer but brings with it viruses and spyware that will bring the computer to a total shut down.

How to protect your computer?

when purchasing an antivirus consider the cost, quantity of tech. support, frequency of updates.

Set your Antivirus to scan incoming e-mails, attachments and remove able discs.

There are a few basic rules computer owners should follow to avoid computer infections.

Never open any attachments unless you know who it is from and why it is sent to you. Trojan horse files are hidden in exe. files with extn. such as .BAT, .EXE,.PIF, .COM and .VBS

Update ! your Antivirus software and Windows System regularly.

Back up the system and files regularly on a remove able disc.

Configure your web browsers to disable ActiveX, Java and java script. You will lose some of the fun on the web but in turn protect yourself.

Free protection software tools:

Malware bytes

Zone Alarm Firewall

How to protect you Computer from Malware!
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