How to protect yourself from the bad energies

How to protect yourself from the bad energies

How to protect a person with bad vibrations

People with negative energy can also affect you
Many people are considered unlucky, because carries with it negative energies, bad vibrations transmitted to others. You know how to protect them? In this article are some tips to keep them well away.

How often have you heard this or that person is a jinx, bad luck, or just betta tore with negative energy? So it is. Many people carry within himself malice, bad vibes and, willingly or unwillingly, interbreed with them, talk and, even worse, get their unfriendly loads can be very harmful. It is people who are considered unlucky and does not bode them on the road.

These people with bad vibes are generally full of envy, malice, of negativity and you can tell.

And not only that: they transmit to others. People considered jinxed or bad luck, in some places, to even it is socially condemned. And those who are perceptive, you will realize almost immediately when faced with a person who brings bad luck or are in a place full of negative energies. Because not only that there are places that have a completely inauspicious stigma.

In the tradition of the rituals of protection, they are often used some tricks to avoid the bad omens of these people or places. If you are a believer in such esoteric questions (for some, this is just superstition energy and has nothing), you can try some of these tips to be safe then proposed.
Use a red ribbon: This is one of the most classic tricks to ward off envy and bad vibrations that typically shoot these people full of pessimism and bad luck. For this reason, you just have to surround your wrist with a red ribbon and so going to have protective effects.
It takes a clove of garlic over Garlic is considered within the esoteric like a great element to repel the bad vibes. If you have a portfolio or a place where you can upload a clove of garlic in a bag of felt or similar material, as I do, because it is a powerful amulet to ward off games and not causing a negative effect on you.
It uses a rugged charm: Rue is the protective natural element par excellence. It is said that carrying a twig in your purse or pocket, is enough to offset the bad energies of these dark people. If people feel that these features went through your home, prepare a tea with her and sprayed the room with a vaporizer.
Ten hand essential oil of thyme: An old esoteric trick to being protected from people who bring bad luck is to place a drop of thyme essential oil behind each ear or in your wrists. So, you’ll scare the negative vibrations of games.
Touch your-your parts: One of the most common practices in certain areas, whenever cross or see anyone that is considered unlucky, is touching the left area (for men) or within the same side (in the case of females). It is a very popular tradition when someone appoint a ‘betta tore’ or person of bad omens.
Beyond this, it is important not to fear, not to think that the mere fact of having them in front and one will be cursed. Think of all your positive energy and acompañate these simple tricks to being well protected.