Business How To Purchase cPanel Licenses

How To Purchase cPanel Licenses


cPanel is a popular control panel that provides a wide range of applications and interfaces to manage, automate and ease the process of web hosting. Web hosting is a serious task that requires constant maintenance and frequent updates and cPanel is that control panel which can help to ease this process by offering various applications that perform specific tasks. Web host managers (WHM) are powerful software programs or consoles that are required to administer these control panels and handle multiple number of hosted accounts, user accounts, emails, domains, sub domains and other important elements of website and server management.

cPanels are customized according to the type of the server they are hosted on namely dedicated, shared and VPS cPanel. cPanels have many domains amongst which an addon domain is the most important one. Addon domains are those domains that host a number of addons or applications that are meant to perform specific tasks on the hosted site. In order to activate and authenticate these applications, cPanel issues cPanel licenses with varied validity periods and costs. These cPanel licenses can either be bought directly from cPanel itself for a higher price or can be bought from cPanel license vendors who sell the licenses for much considerable rates and customized validity periods. One needs to consider a lot of technical, managerial and financial aspects before deciding to purchase cPanel licenses. Here is a list of the most important factors to be considered.

1. Budget

As told before, cPanel licenses are made available by cPanel itself and there are also other vendors who sell the licenses for considerable price ranges when compared to the former. If you are operating a small business which requires a website only for brand retention or a business that relies on its website only for a certain duration in a year, cheap cPanel licenses from cPanel vendors can be preferred.

2. Validity

The cheaper licenses mentioned above come with customized validity periods specifically to help small business owners with minimal requirements. For example, rather than purchasing a cPanel license from cPanel with a validity period of 1 year, you could purchase cPanel licenses with customized validity periods such as a week, a month, 3 months and so on for much cheaper rates.

3. Server Type

While you purchase cPanel licenses, make sure to purchase the one suited with the type of the server on which your website is hosted. That is, dedicated cPanel licenses for a site hosted on a dedicated server and VPS cPanel licenses for a site hosted on a virtual private server. Also note that you might need multiple licenses for VPS types as they are divided into many partitions.

4. OS Type

Before you purchase cPanel licenses also ensure that these licenses are suited to the type of the OS on which the server runs. These licenses are customized to specific operating systems and hence before you buy cPanel licenses in bulk, it’s wise to do a background check.

5. IP Address Type

In addition to server and operating system, cPanel licenses are also specific about the type of the IP address of the website. So before you purchase cPanel licenses, be sure about the type of the IP address, whether it is static or internal or external.


BuycPanel is an acclaimed distributor of cPanel licenses and addons at cheap prices for both dedicated and VPS servers.

How To Purchase cPanel Licenses
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