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How To Purchase Used FEMA Trailers? – Getting A Mobile Home


Happy campers or a happy home? How to purchase used FEMA Trailers is discussed on this page.


How to purchase used FEMA trailers has been through auctions. But there are others who decide to get rid of their mobile homes and live in a subdivision in a stack house. And there are cheap ones, expensive ones, and you got to have the right timing and patience on finding for sale trailers and comparing prices.

What are FEMA trailers?

FEMA trailers are top brand of mobile homes and trailers on the market. FEMA trailers can be very expensive so you should purchase used FEMA trailers if you want to save a bunch of dollars on your camper trailer investment. Again, there are a two ways to purchase a used FEMA trailer in your area, online or at an auction.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailers were used to house a number of people when disaster struck. They provide a much more reliable shelter intended to function longer than tents used for immediate shelter after a disaster. Mobile homes that had never been occupied were available from the government almost free. They had stood vacant for years after being rejected as temporary housing in the aftermath of the hurricane

Thousands of people who have lost everything in a pack of natural disasters will have new homes after leaving the shelter and nearby rooms to spare, but the types of houses vary widely depending on where they live. But the communities that caught the brunt of the tornadoes had few rental houses or apartments to begin with. The lack of adequate housing on North American lands has become so critical that the people were have been acquiring mobile homes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The shelters, designed for use in the disaster, are being transformed into housing for poor families.

How big is it?

A FEMA trailer has a 300 square feet space, has two bedrooms and two baths. And it has been an issue about lack of space for most small families with at least 4 members. When it comes to the trailer, the biggest problem is the storage. The trailer house also has a queen-sized bed. The main living area that features a pop-out section is approximately 12 feet square and has a couch, a dining space and small but complete kitchen. A tiny hall leads to the bathroom with its mini shower and sink. A third 6-by-8-foot room in the back houses four bunks for the children. Ivy, who was struck by the hurricane, had her family in a FEMA trailer. The trailer is not much, but it’s theirs, at least for the next 18 months — if they need it that long. It’s a good base from which to plot the future. For Ivy, that’s a return to college to finish work on the associate degree in business that was interrupted with just five weeks to go by the Hurricane Katrina. For them, it’s settling into the rhythm of 12-hour shifts on the police force. For the family, it’s a chance “instead of renting to buy, which we were trying to do anyway,” Ivy says, maybe even build their own place. “Hopefully, some good will come out of it.” Their financial situation is actually improving because there’s no rent to pay on the trailer, no utility bills, “all that stuff that was hard to handle because her husband is a police officer just starting out, making $9 an hour,” Ivy says. And “we’re young,” she says as her husband’s favourite country singer, Brad Paisley, launches into a tune in the background. “It’s easy for us to start over. We’ve got plenty of time.”

Usefulness and Disadvantages

But there are lots of health problems they came up from those who stayed in an RV. They were talking about the formaldehyde problem. It is the simplest aldehyde, chemical formula HCHO. Formaldehyde (37%) in water solution, called formalin, is used as a preservative, an embalming agent, and a disinfectant. Large amounts of formaldehyde are used in the manufacture of various familiar plastics. And formaldehyde may cause irritation of the treated skin. And this colourless gas may contaminate your everyday meal. The ingestion of formaldehyde has been shown to cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, and in extreme cases can cause death; in addition, there is limited evidence of a carcinogenic effect. So if you are looking into buying a used FEMA trailer, it should not be for permanent shelter. How and where to buy FEMA trailers are easy but buyers please beware. Not only the potential costs to repair raise the real cost of ownership of these trailers, but the concerns of health and probable construction materials of poor quality and / or practices can greatly distract from the real value of shares. The buyer may have a good deal on a used FEMA trailer, but they must understand that it is the buyer’s responsibility to make any repairs necessary to make the trailer is usable, safe on the road and street-legal. In addition, buyers must complete a certificate that specifically prohibits the use of FEMA trailers to becoming housing units.

Where to purchase

Government Auctions, who mostly offer FEMA trailers, are the places where you purchase the used trailers. Just as conditions of the available trailers vary, so do sizes and costs; for example, a 2006 Fleetwood 32-foot trailer without slide-out starts at about $900. It is interesting to note that FEMA auctions off their trailers; thus, it is possible to see a great deal for only $900 — only to end up paying more, depending on the number of other bids that come in.

Check your local newspaper for ads or auctions for FEMA trailers. Many people do not know that there are 1,000 FEMA trailers, caravans and mobile homes dealers located throughout the United States. Look in your local telephone directory yellow pages for trailer, caravan and motorhome dealers. Go to the auction website provided for additional resources. Enter your postal code to find the nearest auctions for new and used FEMA trailer near you. You can find many used trailers FEMA auction which the government usually hosts. Many low-income families live in FEMA trailers, if the family goes bankrupt or the FEMA trailers will be repossessed, you can buy the trailer for a cheaper cost via auction of government.

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