How to Purchase Used FEMA Trailers?

Information on How to Purchase Used FEMA Trailers

How to purchase used FEMA trailers? When it comes to mobile homes, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailers are the foremost choice. FEMA was initially purchased by the government to help individuals who are in dire need of refuge during calamities. As of 2009 these trailers are again auctioned to several individuals for affordable prices. It is a general rule to ensure safety and quality before purchasing anything. For that reason, as much as possible you have to carefully inspect the condition of the auctioned trailer before bidding. Thus, this article will provide tips on how to properly purchase used FEMA trailers worthy of its price.

Why opt for used FEMA trailers?

There are numerous reasons why one opts for used FEMA trailers. One in particular is practicality especially if it is for temporary use. Trailers are commonly used in activities such as camping or as refuge during calamites. Compared to other types of accommodations, this can be a lot cheaper. This is also why most entertainers who travel a lot opt for trailers or RVs rather than hotels.

Some individuals who can’t afford living in structured houses or apartments tend to choose trailers rather than being homeless. This is another reason why used FEMA trailers became popular. Since prices of commodities have increased; most individuals tend to live in trailers to ensure that their income would suffice their day to day budget. However, as practical and convenient as it can be there are some disadvantages in using FEMA trailers due to high formaldehyde concentrations found. For that reason using trailers for long term use is not advisable.

Purchasing used FEMA trailers

To answer your question, how to purchase used FEMA trailers, the first thing you need to do is to visit the website You have to register or make an account before you can bid or purchased FEMA trailers. After you’ve created an account you can search auctioned FEMA trailers by going to the “trailers” category. Before bidding you should inspect the trailer first. Only make a bid if you are guaranteed that it is worth the bid. This is because all sales are considered final. Meaning, a “no return, no exchange” policy is strictly followed. Furthermore, all repairs, transportation expenses and other necessary fees will be shouldered by you. Thus, before bidding make sure that the trailer’s condition including other fees and your budget would coincide.

Once you’ve purchased the used FEMA trailer you have to acquire certificates and permits. One in particular is a permit that allows trailer in your property. In addition, you also have to obtain a certificate that forbids you to use the trailer as a permanent housing unit.


One can also check newspaper and Craigslist ads to find used FEMA trailers for sale. Some dates of trailer auctions and its inquiry details are also posted in newspapers. Searching eBay and other auction websites is another option you can take. Typically, bidding for used FEMA trailers would start at $900 and it can go to as high as $8,000. This is actually very cost-effective compared to its brand new price which would range from $25,000 to $40,000. It would be a win-win situation for you, as long as you know how to purchase used FEMA trailers.