News How to Purify Water at Home

How to Purify Water at Home


There are many occasions in our day to day lives when one must know how to purify water, for instance when the local water source has been terminated or simply when one is out for camping. Water is a very important commodity in life. However, when this vital requisite in life is contaminated, it can pose a threat to our lives. Therefore, it is advised that we purify water before consuming it, lest risking diseases or even death caused by microorganism as well as other harmful pollutants.

Purifying water at home

In today’s world, water is sent from the treatment facility to the households or residence. Nevertheless, this water may become contaminated quite easily during disasters. The local authorities control the supply of water to homes and guarantee its citizens safety as a disaster management strategy. Different government institutions also provide studies to the local residence on how to purify water at their own homes. To purify water at home you simply need to add chemicals like chlorine to the contaminated water. Chlorine gets rid of particles by forcing them to sink down. When these particles are fully sunk, you can pour the water on another container and do away with the residue. Chlorine is also recommended highly as a water treatment method as it also kills the parasite and other harmful microorganisms that might be present in water which could easily cause diseases to both human and animals. There are many techniques to purify water. To avoid inconveniences, it is strongly advised you know several techniques as your current filtration system may fail to work properly.

Water purification using boiling method

The most simple and quick technique to purify water is boiling. When using this method, ensure you boil water fully. It is advised you boil the water at least 5 minutes. However, different studies on how to purify water using boiling technique recommend boiling water five to ten minutes for an effective purification. The main drawback of using this technique is that boiling water eliminates oxygen from it. This makes the water to taste flat. Even so, you can improve the water quality by pouring it in between 2 containers until oxygen gets back in.

Water purification using purifiers

There are many chemical purifiers in the market today. One of the most used purifier is iodine. This chemical purifier is available in liquid and also tablet form. When you purchase this product, ensure you check the date of manufacturing as well as the expiry date to avoid even further contamination of your water. You should use one to 2 tablets to purify a quart of water. Shake the container well for the tablet to dissolve fully in the water and wait for at least 20 minutes before drinking the water. Purifying water using chlorine is very effective as it kills all the microorganisms that may be present in water. However, this method leaves your treated water with a darker color and also unpleasant flavor. You can also read other online guides on how to purify water to know the dos and don’ts while using this technique.

Water purification using filters

Water purification using this method is affordable, safe and easy. You simply have to buy commercial filters, read a manual on how to purify water using this equipment and you’re done. However, this equipment requires maintenance from time to time to get rid of water residue.


When it comes to safe and purified water, we all have a role to play. As much as the quality of water depends on the source, we should try as much as possible not to contaminate the water and learning different techniques on how to purify water for our own sake and also to protecting the environment.

How to Purify Water at Home
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