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How to Put a Smile on Your Customers Faces

Recently, I went out to buy a birthday present for a friend. As we were walking around, we decided to buy a new mouse for his PC and went into a store. As we were checking out the different gaming mice, we came to an idea to get him a mouse mat. After looking at various mats for about a minute, I reached out and took on to see how it felt, and the salesman, which was ignoring us for 5 minutes, stood up and went:”Hey, you can’t touch that! The nerve of you people!”, and I blew a fuse! Needless to say we went to a different shop and got everything there. No matter what kind of a business you are running and what kind of products or services you are offering, your bottom line is largely dependent on your ability to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. This might sound a bit like business lingo, and a lot of people consider this to be a “business mechanism”, but in truth, it actually needs to be a very organic process. We are here to discuss what you can do to ensure that your customers feel the love and always have positive memories about you.

Be polite and attentive

I’m not saying that you should hawk and pester your customers the entire time. A good salesman will notice when customers are struggling to make a decision, and this is when you step in and ask “Can I be of some assistance?”, unlike the example I gave above. And even if a customer breaks the rules proposed by your shop, you don’t badger and shame them for doing so, you explain the situation, apologize and help them out. The way you treat your customers really makes the difference! The tone needs to be genuinely interested, and you need to pay attention to what the customer is asking for.

Listen to feedback

There is nobody who can tell you how to improve your service and customer relations better than the customers themselves. This is why you need to listen to direct feedback, have a book of impressions and also have an online presence where people can give you their feedback. These three ways should make sure that everyone who wants to talk to you about something can do so, no matter if they are a direct person or like to do so when things are not that personal.

Give something back

Everyone likes free stuff, and you don’t need to stretch for something that is very expensive in order to get the desired effect. A small promotional product can make your customers’ purchase much more memorable. Furthermore, by doing so, you get free marketing for as long as the person uses the product you gave them. This is why promotional goods need to be of good quality, and they need to be useful, not just kept somewhere just in case.

Don’t oversell, and be honest

If a customer is interested in a certain product, your task as a salesperson isn’t to cite each and every feature it has. This actually puts the customer off and is really irritating. Answer the questions they need answered, and don’t go on for ages about how your product is the best in the word. The “salesman” approach is actually not that appealing to customers. Furthermore, never falsely advertise and claim that your product has qualities which it doesn’t. It might not lead to a customer rushing into your shop shouting and making a scene (although this is not unheard of), but it will definitely lead to that customer never, ever buying anything from you.

The whole point is to make your customer feel safe, informed and taken care of. If you can achieve this, then you will create a customer base that will spread the good word about your business, and you will be able to retain them as returning customers. By failing to do this, you will lose more than a few of them, and those that you do get will have no special feelings tied to your business. Keep them happy and they’ll keep your bottom line out of the red, it’s simple

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