News How To Putt Better: Length Control

How To Putt Better: Length Control


Why do I need to practice long putts?

Long putts are the key to success. The average golfer plays a major part of his putts on each round from over 10 meters, at least after he has hit the Green. Many 3 putts happen, as the first putt is too far away from the hole and then the second putt becomes a nail-biter. In the following, I will describe an exercise with which in a short time — no matter whether at home or on the golf course — many different long putts are trained and thus the feeling for long putts improves quickly. The goal is to avoid bad holes not to play many birdies. If the normal golfer avoids high numbers he will play good golf.

How can I practice long putts?

Everything what one needs for this is a Tee and many balls. If possible, use balls of the same brand. The exercise is called ball series.
Defined with the Tee a starting point, which is 10 metres from the edge of the Green. Now one putts the first ball from the starting point as close as possible to the edge of the Green. The next ball should be slightly shorter than the previous ball. The next again somewhat shorter, etc. Until the last ball is practically directly in front of the starting point and the balls are like in a row or on a cord pulled before someone. If a bell overtakes a previous ball or touches it, the exercise is over and must start all over again. The aim is to improve each time you go through that kind of exercise.

How To Putt Better: Length Control

Are there any variations?

1. It can also be done at home on the sitting room carpet.
2. It can be played from long to short (as described) and.
3. From short to long and with.
4. Uphill and
5. Downhill.
6. One handed.
7. With closed eyes.
8. Own variations.
The great thing about the exercise is, although one does not leave his place to putt, each time a new distance needs to be mastered, and you are required to play the ball as precisely as possible.

‘My5rules’ for better lenght control

  1. Putt only with one ball.
  2. Always putt from a new distance.
  3. Concentrate on the speed.
  4. Set up a feeling for the speed about test swings.
  5. Try to putt the ball in a circle of 1 m radius around the hole.

Have fun during training!

How To Putt Better: Length Control
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