How To Qualify For Real Estate Appraisal California License?

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Real Estate Appraisal California License

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For you to qualify for the real estate appraisal California license, you must pass through the four stages of certified general, residential, trainee, as well as certified residential of the licensing program. If you are looking forward to enrolling for a real estate appraisal course, you have to meet all the necessary certification or licensing prerequisites. The interesting fact is that you don’t need a special qualification to obtain a real estate appraisal license. All you have to do is to get hold of the necessary requirements.

Trainee license will give real estate appraisers the opportunity to be engaged in an employment where a certified general or certified residential appraiser will supervise him directly. At this stage, candidates have to complete a training of 150 hours duration from approved program by the California Office of Real Estate Appraisers. There is another 15-hour compulsory training program on Uniform Standards of Professional Practice. The training ought to have been completed by the appraisers within 5 years from the date of their enrolment.

Another aspect of the real estate appraisal California license is the residential license. This will allow appraisers to evaluate or appraise the value of residential houses of 1 to 4 families of $1 million or less in value and money-making edifices of $250,000 or less in value. This program is similar to trainee license but with the clause that all potential residential appraisers must produce an evidence of appraisals experience of which the applicants ought to have worked for at least 2,000 hours.

The certified residential of real estate appraisal California license allows the real estate appraisers to assess the worth of any residence that can contain 1 to 4 families irrespective of the amount. They are equally qualified to appraise commercial real estate of $250,000. 200 hours of training is required for this category of people with the UPAP program of 15 hours. It is also mandatory for the candidate to complete a two-year associate degree in any course or 21 credits in the postsecondary subjects. Furthermore, it is compulsory for candidates to possess 30 months on the job experience that includes 2,500 hours of work within that period. Individuals who really want to get hold of such license would follow the prerequisites properly.

Finally, there is the general license that allows appraiser to appraise the value of commercial and residential buildings of no limited value. However, at least 300 hours of appraising related training from state endorsed schools together with 15-hour USPAP test is a must. Appraisers must possess at least a bachelor degree or 30 credits of postsecondary curriculum in some particular courses at this level. Furthermore, candidates require 30 months confirmable knowledge including 3,000 hours of work experience of at least 50 percent of it commercial real estate appraising. All of these must be done for them to qualify in getting hold of the real estate appraisal California license.

The information is all you need concerning real estate appraisal California license.

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