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How to Read Palms – Simple Lines and Explanations

Strange enough that some people feel uncomfortable when they see a long vertical line on their hand which appears to be splitting the palm into two sections. If you’re new to palm reading, (Palm Reading for Beginners) or just getting started learning how to read palms – one of the first things to learn is that, in Palmistry, this is a good sign! Especially when this line happens to be your good Fate line that runs vertically up the hand from the bottom to the top.

How to Read Your Palm with a Vertical Line

This line is also known as the ‘career path line’. Usually, it indicates how much fortune a person can make by the influence of luck or fate. It represents satisfaction in your career or in anything you are doing in life. If this line is clear, deep, long and without breaks or cross, then it is considered as a good fate line. Some learning how to read palms, believe that the absence of this line indicates a nomadic, unfocused life.

Below are many of the most important characteristics of palm-reading. If you’d like to know more consider a great resource on transforming your skills from Apprentice to Pro in 24 hours.

The Simian Crease in Palmistry

How about a horizontal line on the palm? Well, this line is called Simian line or Simian crease/fold. The word ‘simian’ means monkey-like because early palmists believe that monkeys had this formation on their hands.

Although vertical line across your hand is more desirable than the horizontal one, the Simian crease is now getting more popular, and many palmists explained that this line is formed when your heart line and head line merge into one strong line that appears cutting right across your hand. This line can be found on one or both hands.

People with a Simian line are often very obstinate. They are ruled either by their heart or their head. These people may find it hard to distinguish between feelings and thoughts as the two are combined and intertwined. They can be highly focused on their jobs, but they are not good in multitasking and often have difficulty dealing with stress. Simian line owners often get misunderstood easily in communication. However, these people also have a lot of physical and mental energy. Having a Simian line on both of your hands kind of ‘doubles’ the effect!

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How to Read Palms – Your Apollo Line

Many palmists call it the Sun line, but most call this line the Apollo line because it is usually found below your Apollo finger (ring finger). Apollo line is a vertical line anywhere from 1 to 6 cm long reaching up to the base of the Apollo finger. Long Apollo lines are rare. If you have this line on the palm then it is a good sign.

Apollo line is associated with fame, creativity, and recognition. A person can be successful if he/she has a clear, deep, straight and without breaks and crosses Apollo line even though he has no fate line! Without this line, a person usually leads an ordinary life, without any name and fame. Many successful artists have well-defined Apollo lines on their palms. Strong Apollo lines are often be found on the palms of wealthy famous people.

Girdle of Venus, How to Read Palms

Also known as the sister line of your Heart line, the Girdle of Venus lies beneath the two middle fingers. It belongs to highly sensitive people who may also be psychic or intuitive. Those who have this mark are romantic people who also have mood swings. They are annoyed easily and are touchy over small things. These people can experience extreme highs and extreme lows. Sometimes this girdle is complete, but it can also be found broken, or only a few parts of it appear.

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How to Read Palms, the Mystic Cross

The Mystic Cross, in palmistry, is a cross formed by two lines, usually under the Saturn finger (middle finger) and situated just between the Head and the Heart line. Many palmists believe that the mystic cross is a sign of a natural gift for mysticism and occultism. Those who have this mark are psychic in some sense, although many of them are not aware of it. These people are especially intrigued by mystical and psychic phenomena. It is no wonder people with a mystic cross tend to have many followers who are seeking their advice.

The Great Triangle

When you are learning how to read palms, you might notice a triangle on the palm, which is considered as a good sign of success and luck. It generally indicates good fortune as well as peace and harmony. The bigger and stronger the triangle, the more luck can be expected. It can also indicate an increase of creative skills or talents and intellectual learning at the time. The Great Triangle is also called as Triangle of good fortune and is formed by the Life Line, head line and the Health Line. In Indian palmistry, when this triangle is formed with strong and unbroken lines then it is a sign of an amazing ability to make money, to save money as well as to deal with money.

Magic M

This mark is also known as the Lucky M and Mark of the Mother Goddess. The M-symbol is a rare formation on the palm as a result of the combination of the Lifeline, Fate line, Head Line and the Heart line. This auspicious mark indicates high earnings, wealth, and financial growth (after marriage – starting from the age of 35). If the person’’s Apollo line runs close to the Fate line, then the good luck is reinforced. Those who have an ‘M’ on their hand their marriage will be blessed with good luck and success. These people like to solve mysteries and may be attracted to careers in writing, journalism or education.

Mark of a Fish

This is a very auspicious and rare mark. This mark is often found just above the wrist and its mouth should be pointed to the finger (in an upward direction). The mark of a fish is best when it is seen on Jupiter mount, Venus, Apollo, at the bottom of the Fate line, Saturn mount, in descending order. Fish indicates massive wealth that comes from your business or work. The bigger the fish the better it is.

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