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How to reduce your thigh size – Thigh and Hip Slimming Exercises


How to reduce your thigh size: Liposuction Versus Exercise?

I am one of those obsessed with how big my thighs are. In essence they are not huge, but too big for my liking. I have tried exercising and while it helps, I am gaining muscle in my thighs which makes them look the same, big. I think in order to reduce thigh size, not only do you need to exercise; your diet plays a huge role in it. In order to lose weight anywhere on your body you have to control your diet and exercise consistently. I have been weighing the thought of liposuction versus exercise.

Liposuction seems like an easy way to reduce your thigh size. Then I begin to think about the actual process of liposuction. You are put under anesthesia and then a plastic tube will be inserted into your thigh. They then suck out the fat in your thigh. Afterwards, you are bruised and sore, prescribed pain meds and out for a few days. To me, if I had to choose liposuction versus exercise, I would choose exercise any day. Yes, it may take a bit of work, and you may also become sore in the process. You will have done it all on your own, no doctors sucking fat of you. No prescribed drugs and no bruises. Do it the old fashioned way and you will feel great.

Thigh and Hip Slimming Exercises: What if Your Thighs Become Bigger?

So, you’ve started doing some thigh and hip slimming exercises and wonder what if your thighs become bigger from doing these exercises. How can that happen? When you build up muscle in your thighs from exercising it could sort of start bulging out and make your thighs bigger. That’s how. Like the weight lifter with bulging biceps. Your thighs might become like those bulging biceps. You’d look like you were lifting weights with your thighs. Sqat exercises can give you bigger thighs. So can eating lots of fatty foods. Which one do you think is healthiest? The answer does not involve fat in foods.

Once you’ve begun doing those thigh and hip slimming exercises, if your thighs become bigger, why not switch to a different form of exercise? Skip the squats and go running or jogging. Another reason, though, for the bigger thighs after starting an exercise regime for the first few weeks is a little thing called water. Your muscles aren’t used to all this exercise and forced movement, so they are retaining more water than usual. After those muscles get used to the exercise, they’ll drop the water and you’ll drop that extra half an inch or so. Even a change in exercise routine can cause this. So don’t stop exercising even if your thighs get bigger – unless they get so big and bulky you can’t fit in those skinny leg jeans. Keep at it. You’ll be healthier in the long run.

How to reduce your thigh size –  Thigh and Hip Slimming Exercises
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