How to Relieve Lower Back Pain – Stop Living With Pain Today With These Easy Tips!

Unfortunately many of us have needed to figure out how to relieve lower back pain. Maybe it was because we lifted something up that was just a little too heavy for our muscles. Maybe it was because we drove in the car for three hours straight with bad posture. And sometimes we need to figure out how to relieve lower back pain because we are stressing out about something and that stress is tightening up those lower back muscles. Check out these tips below that will help relieve your lower back pain.

Ice, Ice, Ice It, Baby!

When you need to know how to relieve lower back pain immediately, you may simply need to know how to apply an icepack to the area that is bothering you. An injury causes blood to rush immediately to the injured site to promote quick healing, but too much blood will cause that area to swell up, become painful, and actually reduce your body’s ability to repair itself quickly. If you have just noticed the pain in the last couple days, adding ice to the area for 20 minutes every hour will help reduce any inflammation and quite possibly get you on the road to recovery.

Put Your Feet Up and Rest

Let’s face it – many of us are active and our lifestyles demand us to remain active. Every day, many of us use our backs in twisting, turning, and stretching motions that sometimes just aren’t very natural or something our backs are used to, and this causes pain because we have strained our muscles to the breaking point and they are screaming for mercy. If this is the case for you and you want to know how to relieve lower back pain, then all you need to do is lay down somewhere that is comfortable for you, but firm enough to support your back. You can take additional pressure off your back by using pillows under of between your knees and your neck.

Compression Should Be Your Mission

In looking at ways of how to relieve lower back pain immediately, compression is always going to be on the menu. Compression is often used in combination with ice and rest as a means of reducing that nasty inflammation and helping your body to promote healing quickly and efficiently. Often just a simply elastic wrap around the affected portion of your back will do the trick, though sometimes a full brace or other means of compression are required.

Give Your Back a Massage Message

Being overused, being stressed out about the stuff of life, or even just sleeping in a funny way can all cause your muscles to ache. If this is happening to you, then a massage therapist will know exactly how to relive lower back pain for you. Not only will a massage therapist get you feeling better immediately, many of them offer proactive approaches and lifestyle tips that can help you prevent future back pain flare ups.

These tips are just a starting point toward a successful elimination of your lower back pain. A pain in the back is one of the worst pains there can be, so knowing how to relieve lower back pain is critical for a happy and healthy lifestyle.