News How To Remodel Your Kitchen Counter Tops With Granite

How To Remodel Your Kitchen Counter Tops With Granite


Want to learn how to remodel your kitchen counter tops with granite? Kitchen counter tops bear the maximum brunt of all your work done in kitchen. This is why many prefer to model their kitchen counter tops with stone material like granite as they are very sturdy and can be cleaned easily. Given below is an easy guide for such remodeling.

Planning is essential before you do any kind of remodeling work. You need to decide on the kind of granite you would want for your counter tops. You will need to decide on a stone fabricator to help you out with acquiring, polishing and delivering the granite to your house. The fabricator can also help you out with all the measurements required to decide how the granite slabs are to be cut. For the measurements, your previous counter tops need to be removed and your base cabinets are to be measured.

How To Remodel Your Kitchen Counter Tops With Granite

How to remodel your kitchen counter tops with granite

Start installing the slabs

Once the granite slabs of the requisite measurements are cut and delivered to your place, you’ll need to install them. The trick here is to place the granite slab properly so that it fits the base cabinet area snugly. Granite is heavy, so do not try to do this by yourself. Always get some extra help.

Attaching the granite seams

Once the slabs have been placed, it is time to join the seams of the slabs lying side by side. For joining the seams you can use epoxy which can be bought from Amazon. Next, you need to tighten the screws. Thereafter, as a safety measure, apply a line of acrylic caulk along the area where the granite is in contact with the base cabinet. You can buy the caulk from any local hardware store in your area such as Home Depot.

Finishing touch

After the main work is done, apply granite sealer on the counter tops to protect the stone. For cleaning, you should use granite cleaner, which is readily available online if you do a search. You see, learning how to remodel your kitchen counter tops with granite is easy…

Instant Granite Peel and Stick

Just lazy or don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on granite for the kitchen? There is such a thing called ‘faux granite’ where you can simply apply the granite decal to your kitchen counter tops, making it look like the real thing. Have a look at this chestnut granite for example.

How To Remodel Your Kitchen Counter Tops With Granite

How To Remodel Your Kitchen Counter Tops With Granite
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