How to remove body hair naturally

Remove Body Hair Naturally

You may be tired of having to shave the hair off of the places of your body where you do not want for it to grow. There are several different natural methods of removing hair from your body. There are the traditional methods of hair remover that everyone is probably painfully familiar with which are shaving, plucking, and waxing. Most people do not like to remove hair by using one of these methods because of the skin irritation that they cause.

If you want to get rid of the unwanted hair on your body then you will find several hair removal options available. In order to decide which one is best you will need to determine the area of the body that you do not want the hair, how often the hair has to be removed, and the amount of money that you want to spend on a permanent solution for removing the hair from the area that it is not wanted.

Many women face the hassle of having extra body hair on places that hair is not exactly welcome. Unfortunately, professional hair removal can be very costly leaving these women unsure of how to take care of this problem. Thankfully, there are numerous different methods for removing hair right in the comfort of their own home that women can use. Techniques such as shaving, tweezing or using depilatories do not cost a lot of money and are simple to put into practice.

How to get rid of body hair

How to get rid of body hair How to get rid of body hair

Common ethod of Removal of Unwanted Hair At Home

Shaving: It is the cheapest and easiest way to remove hair from body. You can do shaving on your own and need not visit a salon. Your shaving kit must have a razor, a shaving cream/shower gel and a hot running shower. But body hair removal through shaving is not long lasting, let alone permanent. Hair grows back within hours and prolonged shaving may make your hair rough and coarse.

Tweezing : One of the main at home hair removal methods is tweezing. It is important that you make sure your tweezers are always clean. Before you begin tweezing, give your tweezers a cleaning with hot water and or alcohol. You can use your tweezers to provide your eyebrows with shape or even to take away hair on your face or chin if desired. Avoid tweezing any of the hairs inside of your nose as that is often a surefire way to get an infection. When you are tweezing, always work in the same direction that your hair grows. It is always easier to tweeze when your pores are open, so cover the area to be tweezed with a hot cloth before starting.

Avoid using any creams or other products on the area directly before tweezing. These products can result in your pores become blocked and or infected. Not to mention the fact that a cream will leave your skin slippery. The area that you tweezed with generally remains free of hair for approximately two or more weeks.

Depilatories: It is also one of the quickest and the cheapest methods to remove body hair. These creams contain chemicals which have alkali and they burn the protein structure of the hair. Here also, hair needs to be of certain length to get the maximum effect and lasts up to 7 days. But depilatory creams may also induce third degree burns and skin rashes.

After a bath, you will find your pores open and your hair soft, so this is a good time to use your depilatory. Make sure you have a timer close by so that you do not allow the product to stay on your skin for too long. If your skin has rashes, cuts, and acne or bug bites in the area that you wish to remove hair from, it is best to put it off for another time.

Electrolysis: If you want to remove body hair permanently, electrolysis might be a good option for you. But electrolysis is very expensive and may require a number of sittings. The process involves a combination of heat and electricity that destroys hair follicles.

Laser: It is another permanent hair removal procedure. Many women reported that upto 80% of their hair disappeared after two visits which proves that it is quite effective. But laser hair removal is also pretty expensive and painful and may require a series of treatments.

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Unconventional methods of hair removal

Some of the unconventional methods are:

  • Threading If you want to shape your eyebrows and remove some of the unwanted hair in your upper lip or chin area, you can go for threading. Even the smallest and the thinnest of hairs are removed by it but it is quite painful.
  • BleachingIt is not exactly a hair removal method but helps to make the hair less noticeable. The process involves applying a chemical in the desired area to remove pigmentation.
  • PluckingA pair of tweezers is required for the purpose. It is quite effective but can be very time consuming.
  • Sugar Waxing – It is similar to the process involving heated wax with the exception that here a caramel-like substance is spread on the skin. This sugary substance is also easier to rinse off in water.

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How to remove Facial Hair

If you find yourself interested in the subject of facial hair removal for women, it’s likely that you’re coping with some unwelcome upper lip hair, or overgrown eyebrows. Hair is an essential accessory for a woman, when it’s in the right places – it’s everywhere but the top of the head that it’s better hair not exist. These cultural expectations placed upon us force many women towards facial hair removal so that our self esteem can be kept up and we can feel sexy. There are many ways of facial hair removal for women, so read below to find a handful of methods that you can look into.

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How to remove Arm hair

To help you make an informed decision, we will go over each method in detail so you know which is the best choice for you and what you need in order to quickly get rid of arm hair. Here are a few arm hair removal methods you might want to try:

1. One of the oldest ways of arm hair removal is sugaring, first practiced in ancient Egypt. Sugaring involves making a paste out of sugar, heating it, and applying it to the skin. You should then place reusable cotton strips over the paste, firmly press down, and pull them off to remove the hair from the skin.

Not only can this process be used on the arms, it can also be used on the legs, stomach, bikini line, and even the upper lip. Just like waxing, the hair that has been pulled out will most likely not grow back until 4-6 weeks. If your hair grows quickly, it might take a shorter time.

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