How to Remove Fingerprints from Fingers

Bare in mind that learning how to remove fingerprints from fingers is not a way to actually evade police capture if you plan to commit a crime. DNA may still be present even if you remove your fingerprints and there are also palm prints and even foot and toe prints. These five ways to remove fingerprints from fingers can be useful for book and story writers though.

Wearing Gloves

Wearing thick gloves or leather gloves will cover your fingerprints. Latex gloves are mostly ineffective if you want to remove fingerprints from fingers because the latex in gloves nowadays is very thin to allow doctors and nurses to have the best sense of touch without being in actual contact. Thicker gloves have a downside as well; the glove has its own unique print pattern, fabrics, etc. that can be identified.

Use Superglue

Covering the fingertips in a thick enough layer of superglue will effectively bury the whorls and lines of the fingerprint. It will need to be applied in a series of layers, allowing the first to dry before applying a second and so on. The downside to this is that it is difficult to remove because there are so many layers.

Rearrange a Thin Layer of Latex

Spread a thin layer of liquid latex over the fingertips and pull it off in one sheet. This layer will contain an exact replica of your fingerprint. Use an exacto knife to cut up the thin layer and reapply the cut up pieces to the fingertip in a new order using glue. This will make your fingerprint look entirely different and impossible for someone to give a definitive match. It can easily be removed using soap and water or paint thinner.

Burn the Fingertips

Use acid to remove fingerprints from fingers. This is an idea that I remember hearing about often in years past. It was in regard to gang initiation requiring the burning of the fingertips with acid. As I recall it turned out rather horribly with infections and blood loss. This can be done safely in the hands of someone who knows how to use acids properly. The downside is that you would have to wait a great deal of time for the burns to heal and DNA would still be left behind easily.

Take Capecitabine

The Capecitabine medication has been linked to the absence of fingerprints. It causes swelling of the hands and water retention which can effectively disfigure the fingerprints and even make them disappear completely. You would have to be prescribed this medication and the other side effects associated with it are not exactly pleasant. The side effects that cause hand swelling are also not really pleasant either. It could certainly be an interesting way to remove fingerprints from fingers in a crime story.