How to Remove Someone from a Twitter List in 7 Simple Steps

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Seven Simple Steps to Removing a Twitter User from Your Twitter List

Twitter, the popular social networking and internet microblogging service that launched in July of 2006, added Lists to its functions in late 2009. This handy tool allows Twitter users to add followers of their choosing to specific lists. The Lists feature enables Twitter users to follow, mention and reply to lists of Twitter authors instead of individual users. Often Twitter lists are created based upon the topics people post about the most and common interests so people with common interests can find and read the Tweets of other like-minded Tweeters.

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While adding followers to a Twitter list is easy, it is a little more complicated to remove someone from a Twitter list. If you add a person to the wrong Twitter list or find that someone’s posts are offensive, spammy or annoying, how can you remove the Twitter user from your list? These seven simple steps will show you the Twitter trick to remove someone from a Twitter list. It is easy, even for Twitter dummies, if you know where to click!

How to Remove Someone from a Twitter List in 7 Simple Steps

1. Log In to Twitter

Log in to your Twitter account with your name and password.

2. Go to ‘Lists’ Section on Twitter

Go to the ‘Lists’ drop-down menu on the right-hand side of your Twitter menu bar – to the left of the ‘Timeline.’ (See image above.)

3. Click on ‘Lists by You’

Click on ‘Lists by You’ which will show you all of the Twitter lists you have created.

4. Select the List to Be Edited

Click on the list you wish to edit. This will bring up the recent posts from all the people on your Twitter list as well as displaying the ‘View list page’ link.

5. Click on ‘View list page’

Click on ‘View list page’ to see how many Twitter users your list is following as well as how many followers your list has. The ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons will also now be displayed.

6. Click on ‘Following’

When you click on ‘Following’ on the ‘View list page’ section, you will see all Twitter users this particular list follows as well as the green ‘Following’ buttons beside each person on this list.

7. Click on the Green ‘Following’ Button

Click on the green ‘Following’ button. The button will turn red and say ‘Follow,’ indicating that particular list is no longer following that person. You will have successfully removed that author from your Twitter list.

How to Remove Someone from a Twitter List in 7 Simple Steps, Seekyt

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How to Remove Someone from a Twitter List in 7 Simple Steps, Seekyt
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