How to remove tattoo

How to remove tattoos

Removing of tattoo is not a very easy job. Those who have tattooed themselves earlier and tried to remove those must have experienced that. It is more painful than tattooing because the tattoo is done by injecting the needle into the secondary layer of the skin. So it is equally time taking and painful for removing old tattoos. But there are some tricks to remove it that is scripted in few lines for your benefit.

Removal of tattoos depends on very simple few things such as the age of the tattoo, the area where it has been inked and of course the size of the tattoo. Still nobody can guarantee you of a total removal though some techniques have been proved useful.

Laser tattoo removal technique

There are number of techniques which are in use of tattoo removals. Most frequently used technique is laser tattoo removal technique. In this, laser beams of high intensity are inserted in the tattoos that after some chemical reaction melt down the tattoo ink. But this is very much painful. Only one sitting is not enough for the total removal. You may have to take more than one sitting for complete removal and after the whole treatment some people have induce infection and allergy also.


Another technique is called Dermabrasion. Under this treatment the skin is scraped by any wire brush. Again this procedure is also painful and because of the wire brush the patient’s skin may profusely bleed.

DIY cream

Comparatively this procedure is better than the other ones. This cream helps to reduce the pain. But the result can not be predicted as it might work for some tattoos and may not show any difference for some. So it depends on the kind of tattoos.

Applicaion of Color Pigments

This step does not remove tattoos at all only help to hide it. This may sound funny but actually the tattoo is been concealed by applying some color pigments. But this is short lived. As long as the pigments are there the tattoo will be hided.

Surgical removal of the tattoos

This is the last and the ultimate choice. If any of the above mentioned options do not work then you have to think of the dire solution of surgical removal of the tattoos. But that also might not clear the whole thing; you may have to go for more than once for surgical removal.