How to Repair a Chain Link Fence?

You may have to repair your chain link fence due to many different reasons: it was cut out by trespassers, a tree fell down on it during storm, or it just stretched and popped of the place under weight of snowplow. Whatever is the cause, it’s simple to repair your chain link fence supply.

1: Find All Damages

Inspect along both the sides of the chain link fence in places wherein there is clear damage. Check out for loose posts, top rails and gates. Find and collect all the pieces that need replacement or repair.

2: Remove Damaged Fence Rails

Cut the damaged chain link fence rail in 24-inch pieces using a hacksaw. Remove the pieces by sliding those out through chain link tie wire.

3: Measure and Purchase New Parts You Require

Take measurements between unbroken fence posts to find the standard lengths of fence rails for your present fence. Count the post in the damaged region to calculate the lengths of new fence rails you will require.

Measure the width of the fence rails. Buy the same sizes as you have in your fences currently, either 5/8-inches or 1 3/8-inches. If the gate or fence posts are damaged, take one from each with you in order to get replacement in the same size. Also check out do you need new chain link fence supply?. Badly cut or bent link will require replacement. Purchase the parts and hardware to link them.

4: Replace Damaged Fence and Post as Required

Take out the chain link fence rails to the site of the damaged posts. Remove the old fencing post and place the new one to reconnect the fence rails.

5: Install New Fence Rails

Remove the brace band and the closest end post caps, and vertical tension band from one end. Slide the new railing into rail cap slots, and along where it is required. Attach the ends of this fence rails to end post rails cap, and reconnect tension and brace bands.

6: Fix Chain Link Mesh

Though you hold the nearest post, ask somebody to help you to pull the unharmed chain link fence back over your new post. Insert soft nylon cord via chain links in order to help pull. Then look at an unbroken fence section so as to check out that bands and caps are in the right position prior to tightening the linking bolts fastening chain link to every post. Note that vertical tension bar, which is woven through chain link fence parallel to fence post, is aligned correctly. Reconnect the straight tension bands with the perpendicular tension bar, and vertical brace band with the fence railing.

7: Maintain Chain Link Fences

Keep your fence in excellent repair. Check it out in spring after every heavy snow and severe storms wherein trees have fallen. Although the trees fell very far from your home or garage, damages at any point to the fence will decrease the stability of entire fence. So, you should keep checking them from time to time.