How To Replace A Banner Grommet

So you’re sitting back one day and you happen to look at your banner. A few kids were hanging off of it earlier in the day and you had to fuss at them to leave it be except now you have a slightly ripped banner and you have a lost grommet. Great… HOWEVER, you are in luck. There are a few ways that you can repair lost grommets—you just have to know what to do!

Get a New Grommet/Find the Other One

First of all, you’ll need a grommet to repair lost grommets (as you might imagine…). You can find them at a hardware store (Wal-Mart probably wouldn’t be your best bet) or you can try to search for your missing grommet on the ground. Make sure that the grommet is completely undamaged if you do find it off the ground—the last thing that you need is to find your grommet and try to use it, only to find out it’s already damaged. Take the time to make sure it’s undamaged beforehand. If you don’t have a useable grommet, try the store.

Repairing Lost Grommets

Next, you might need to go buy a grommet repair kit for your banner. This will include tape to fix any tears or rips and it will also include a new grommet, most likely. Make sure that you have everything you need in the kit and that the kit has detailed instructions. However, if you aren’t very handy or you don’t see yourself being able to easily repair your banner signs, don’t. You have another option. When replacing lost grommets, make sure that you have a decent idea of what you’re doing via the instructions before you start.


You can also try to contact the company and see what their policy on repairing lost grommets is. Most companies will allow you to send it back in and then have it returned at your cost. This isn’t a half bad deal, but there may be companies that charge. Take the time to decide if it’s easier for you to repair the vinyl banners or if it’s better that you send them in. This is something only you will know. However, if you replace the grommets on your vinyl banners and afterwards they fall out or tear again, definitely send them back in. These are just a few tips on how to repair lost grommets and two methods that you can choose from.