How to Replace Rotten Window Sill?

Replace Rotten Window Sill

What are the important things one should know in order to replace rotten window sill? This question is the usual query of homeowners who prefer the “do-it-yourself” method for rotten window sills instead of seeking professional service. This method is actually best for homeowners who have a background in carpentry. The question now, is rotten window sill repairable? If not, how is replacing rotten window sill done?

Inspecting rotten window sills

Before going to the how to replace rotten window sills part of this article, it is also recommended that one knows how to inspect for rotting window sills. There instances that the paint of your window sill is peeling, does this necessarily mean that it is rotten? Through detailed inspection process, you will be able to know if your window sills can still be repaired or replacement is necessary.

The first stage of window sill deterioration is when the paint starts to peel. At this point, there is no outer covering that would protect your window sills from water intrusion. Repairs are already necessary for this stage. If neglected water and molds would breakdown the wood components and deterioration starts. It only takes a matter of days to weeks before your window sills rots. As for presence of molds, this is normal. The problem starts when water breaks in.

Wood deterioration is characterized as the lack of sturdiness. If the wood is still compact, you can assure yourself that it is in good condition. However, a shallow appearance would indicate that something is wrong.

Materials needed

To replace rotten window sills, you will need the following equipments; knife, pry bar, saw and hammer. You will also need sand paper, insulative paper, some nails, wood fillers, paint and wood. You may also need a helping hand, you can ask a friend or family to help you throughout the process.
How to replace rotten window sills?

1. Removing the outer trim – In separating the exterior trim from the interior trim, break the seal with a knife until these two trims break up. Be very careful in doing this, you will reuse the trim after the window sill is replaced.

2. Remove the window frame – with the aid of a reciprocating saw, you can cut the nails and remove the window. Ask someone to assist you, the window may collapse and break during the process. Once you have removed the window frame, inspect the area for any termites. Use a pesticide to kill these termites before you continue to the next step.

3. Replace the rotten frame and window sill – For the frame, build a new one if necessary and nail it. Make sure that their measurements are the proportional with one another. For the window sill, saw a new window sill and cut the sill with fortified corners to fit. Afterwards, nail it into the window frame.

4. Reinstall the window frame – Before installing the window frame back, seal any crack and holes with insulated paper. Nail the window frame and trim if necessary. Seal all nail holes with wood fillers, sand and paint it for finishing touches.

And that completes the how to replace rotten window sill easy and simple procedures for individuals who prefer the DIY method.