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How to Restore Mac to Factory Setting Without Using a Disc


Undoubtedly, your Mac PC is your complete productive, gaming, and entertainment companion, but strange behavior, and application lags may disturb that pleasurable working experience. If your Mac PC is not behaving normally and you wish to restore Mac to factory setting, then follow this guide to know everything about the same.

Sometimes you may experience some uncertain errors and PC problems on your Mac that may ruin your entire computing experience. But have you ever tried for restoring a Mac to factory settings for troubleshooting such uncertain errors? Do you think PC problems are arising because of some faults in the Mac OS? If yes, then think about performing a Mac restore process that can set your Apple PC right like it was during its initial purchase. How to restore Mac to factory settings is one of the prominent questions that many Mac OS X users may ask tech gurus, prior to selling or handing their beloved Macs. The prime reason for resorting to Mac factory restore is that it is safer to pass a PC with personal information removed. Additionally, while restoring a Mac will make Mac OS X looks healthier and cleaner to the buyer.

Follow the tips below to reset Mac OS X to an unblemished factory state:

Stage-1 Clone Your Hard Drive

• Install program like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper to clone your hard disk drive

• Arrange an external hard drive to transfer data from your old Mac to a new one

• Open the interface of the programs mentioned above and choose your main hard drive as the ‘Source’

• Now, select your external hard drive as the ‘Destination’ and click on ‘Clone.’

Stage-2 De-Authorizing iTunes

You should de-authorize your Mac from iTunes to break the link to your iTunes account. Since you can enjoy up to five Macs to play music and movies using your iTunes account, don’t pass that on to another person. To de-authorize the iTunes, follow these steps:

• Open iTunes, click Store and select ‘De-authorize This Computer’ option

• Enter your Apple ID and password

• Click ‘De-authorize’ to break the iTunes link.

Stage-3 Turn off FileVault

FileVault offers high-end encryption to the files on your hard drive to ensure complete data security and privacy. PC experts recommend turning this feature off, before going ahead in the process of restoring a Mac to factory settings.

• Open ‘System Preferences’ and click on ‘Security & Privacy and FileVault’ option

• Confirm that it says ‘FileVault is turned off for the disc.’

• If not, then click on the padlock icon located in the bottom left, enter your Apple password and click on ‘Unlock’ option

• Now, click ‘Turn off FileVault’ option to disable the feature.

Stage-4 Disable iCloud

• Open System Preferences and click on ‘iCloud’

• Tap on ‘Sign Out Now’ option to disable the iCloud feature

• You can also click on ‘Delete from Mac’ option to remove all your personal data from the hard drive.

Stage-5 Restart the Mac in Recovery Mode

• Connect to the Internet as you will need to install the latest copy of the Mac software

• Restart your Mac by clicking Apple > Restart

• Hold down the ‘Command and R’ keys to see the ‘Recovery Mode Utilities’ window.

Stage-6 Erase the Drive

• Select Disk Utility and click on ‘Continue’ option

• Choose your main Startup Volume and click ‘Unmount’

• Choose the ‘Erase’ tab and click ‘Erase’ to wipe your hard drive and to remove personal details

• When finished, exit the program by choosing ‘Quit Disk Utility.’

Stage-7 Select Reinstall Mac OS X

• Since you’ve entered the final stage, click on ‘Reinstall OS X’ and continue

• Patiently wait until Mac downloads and installs a blank copy of Mac OS X on the Mac

• Once the installation gets completed, enter your Apple ID and password to use your Mac in an unblemished factory state.


It is important to know that restoring your Mac into an unblemished factory state by using its factory restore feature, is quite helpful while selling off your Apple PCs. Removing the crucial information and installing a fresh Mac software not only makes your devices safer for use, but also makes it look cleaner and clutter-free. Always remember to create a backup or clone your entire hard drive, before starting the factory reset process as the files once deleted cannot be recovered using a Mac recovery software.

How to Restore Mac to Factory Setting Without Using a Disc
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